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3/07/24 What is your Monte-story? Read More
3/07/24 Friends and Family Open House Read More
3/07/24 It’s almost time for the Annual Food Drive! Read More
2/29/24 Featured in Philadelphia Magazine: 4 Ways to Raise a More Independent Child Read More
2/29/24 March at a Glance Read More
2/29/24 Parent Education Rewind – Cooking with Toddlers: Experience the full Montessori Curriculum Through Vegetable Soup Read More
2/29/24 Greene Towne Auction Updates! Read More
2/22/24 Sign up for Spring 2024 Conferences and Observations Read More
2/22/24 Lunch Around the World Rewind: Zimbabwe and Great Britain Read More
2/22/24 Parent Education RSVP – Montessori Math: An Introduction and Demonstration Read More
2/22/24 RSVP: Winter Family Social at Franklin Square Park! Read More
2/15/24 RSVP: Parent Education Workshop – Experience the Full Montessori Curriculum Through Vegetable Soup (For adults) Read More
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