Parent Education Series:

Education for the Community

Greene Towne invites you to join us for complimentary parent education workshops that are open to the wider community!

Thank you for a wonderful Parent Education Series during the 2023-2024 school year. Stay tuned for more workshops in the 2024-2025 school year, and enjoy recordings from previous workshops!

Current Season Recordings

Picking Apart Picky Eating

Ever wonder if your child’s picky eating is “normal” (that is, developmentally appropriate) or not, or, [gasp!], is it extreme picky eating? There is a range. In this parent ed workshop, registered dietitian and Greene Towne mom, Liv Lee, will discuss the nuances of the picky eating world and provide first line strategies for all levels of selective eating that you can begin applying the next day. And yes, sometimes dessert is served with dinner!

When is the best time for my child to learn x, y, and z? The “Sensitive Periods”

Join us for this enlightening and complimentary parent education session as we dive into sensitive periods and learn more about how the Montessori classroom supports these critical years of child development by optimizing conditions for the sensitive periods. Imagine understanding the perfect timing for your child to absorb new skills effortlessly!

Child Development Through Play: Toys, Sharing, Friendships and Risks

Join us as we learn more about how to support and facilitate meaningful learning opportunities through various developmentally appropriate activities as children develop language, motor, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities

Montessori Math: An Introduction and Demonstration

Dr. Maria Montessori’s thoughtful and hands-on approach to learning quantity and operations via bead materials is unlike any other early childhood math pedagogy. Please join us for a presentation of the key concepts of the Montessori primary math curriculum, followed by a live demonstration of a classic Montessori math lesson: The Bank Game! 

Cooking with Toddlers: Experience the full Montessori Curriculum Through Vegetable Soup

Please join us to gain insight and practical tips regarding food preparation with toddlers. The act of making soup engages all of the areas of the Montessori curriculum (practical life, sensorial, language, math and culture). Get down on our level (literally… the tables are LOW!) and experience how your child works in the classroom. Also, soup will be served! Note: this is an adult only session

Preparation for Life: Emotions, Friendships, Impulses with Desiree McNeill and Patrick Sutch

Embedding social emotional learning into the classroom is a powerful way to support student learning.  Join us as we discuss how GTMS creates a supportive classroom climate to help students to feel emotionally safe, part of a community, motivated, and challenged while recognizing and managing emotions, being a good friend, controlling impulses, communicating effectively, and working with others.

“Help me to do it myself!”: Unpacking Independence

Join GTMS lead teachers Katie Brown and Olivia Powers as they discuss independence in young children! Independence is motivated by the child’s natural desire to learn. It is the responsibility of the adult to respect this desire by carefully preparing conditions which remove obstacles along the way allowing a child to say “I can do it.”

Back to School = Big Changes!

Dr. Lisa Dissinger is a child psychologist and parent coach who has been in practice for 30 years. Dr. Dissinger specializes in early childhood and has worked in many of the Montessori preschools in the Philadelphia area. She has been Greene Towne’s consulting psychologist for 25 years.

Journey through Primary: A deeper dive into the Montessori Curriculum

The journey through Primary is one that fosters independence, confidence and a love of learning while offering children opportunities to develop their potential as they step into their roles as citizens of the world. Students enjoy freedom with limits and are active participants in their learning and begin to experience that internal satisfaction drives curiosity and results in joyful learning that is sustained over a lifetime. This complimentary workshop is open to the wider community and perfect for parents of toddler-Kindergarten age children. Share with friends, neighbors, and family!

Parent Education Archives

We have so much more to share! Please look at our archives of parent education workshops and enjoy the recordings.