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Greene Towners go on to great things

From warm and nurturing roots in Philadelphia, our alumni have spread branches out across the globe, bearing the fruit of incredible lives.

We cherish the stories and updates we hear from our past students.

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Featured Alum

CLASS OF 1971 Kuae Kelch Mattox
CNN Editorial Producer

Montessori formed me. Montessori teachers are committed to the whole child. They’re interested in who the children are as people. My kids have as fond memories as I do. “At my children’s Montessori school whenever somebody did a kind gesture, they put a stone in the “Peace Bowl”. It was a badge of honor for my kids…

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CLASS OF 1979 Musa Brooker
3D Stop Action Animator, Director, and Producer

When Musa Brooker was 5-years-old, he told Anne Arfaa, “In school I like to play with Adrian and John. And I like to play with the thousand chain. After school, I like to look at cartoons and at Sesame Street.” When Musa recently read this quote from 1978 on Greene Towne’s Facebook page, he remarked. “I guess the whole watching cartoons thing worked out!” Today, Musa (that’s “Moo-say”) is an accomplished Los Angeles based 3D Stop action animator, director…

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CLASS OF 1984 Brendan Jones
Author, Entreprenuer, Adventurer

Brendan remembers sweeping and using the dust pan in the courtyard. Putting peanut butter on a pine come with seeds; “I was very proud of that”. The back reading area of Maggie Funchion’s classroom and all the wood. Walking through the classrooms brought a rush of memories for Brendan, “I remember…

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CLASS OF 2001 Annabelle Charlier
Mixed Media Designer

When London-based Annabelle Charlier learned that a fashion industry colleague was moving to Philadelphia, she reminisced about how impactful her Montessori experience in Philadelphia had been when she and her family lived here from 1999-2001. That school was Greene Towne and her colleague’s family is new to our school community this year. Annabelle’s family came to Philadelphia so that her father could attend Penn’s Wharton School…

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