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5/05/21 The Montessori Minute: Language Appreciation Read More
4/08/21 The Montessori Minute Video: Writing to Reading Read More
3/04/21 The Montessori Minute Video: Learning Explosions Read More
2/24/21 EITC: Your individual or business PA state taxes can support financial aid for Greene Towne students! Read More
2/11/21 The Montessori Minute Video: Concentration Read More
1/21/21 Parent Education Rewind: Your Toddler Can Do It! Read More
1/14/21 Parent Education Workshop Rewind: Parenting and Social Justice Read More
12/10/20 Montessori Minute Video: Grace and Courtesy Read More
11/12/20 Thank you for your heroism! Read More
10/29/20 The Montessori Minute: Practical Life Read More
6/11/20 Kindergarten Recognition Ceremony 2020 Read More
5/21/20 #1 What is Pop Art? Tate Kids awesome video. Read More