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All Day Montessori


More About All Day Montessori 


The All-Day Montessori environment provides a classroom setting designed to best serve children and families requiring care beyond the typical school day and calendar. The environment is a "home away from home", continuing Greene Towne’s commitment to Montessori philosophy and teaching methods, and designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children. We offer ADM for Toddler and Primary students.

It is a distinctive community just for children who stay at school all day. A single All-Day Montessori classroom with fewer transitions during the day offers children consistency of place, teaching staff and activity and is uniquely situated to meet children’s needs in regards to continuity and the natural rhythms of the day.


We are delighted to provide this unique All-Day Montessori environment to families.


GTMS Curriculum

8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Toddler House


Primary School

for Daily Schedule.

Children may enroll in the All Year ADM with 12 months of school and care including the majority of school holidays and closures, 2 months of summer camp programming and 3 weeks bridging the summer breaks, or the School Year ADM with 9 months of school and care, including programming during the majority of school holidays and closures but no summer programming.