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Choosing a lifelong journey of learning:

It all begins here.

Greene Towne Montessori School instills in young children an understanding of learning as a personal process, a sense of agency in building self and community, and the joy of possibility.

Every day is a chance to learn more and grow, by choice. Every child builds the confidence to face the next great challenge with a resounding “I can do it!”

Greene Towne graduates are equipped with the most important attributes to build an exceptional future for themselves:

  • Respectful
    GTMS graduates understand how to conduct themselves with consideration and grace in a community setting.
  • Creative
    Montessori creativity emerges from each child’s unique imagination, supported by abilities mastered and an environment that nurtures freedom and autonomy.
  • Curious
    GTMS graduates enjoy the process of discovery. They are excited to try something new, and approach novel experiences with confidence.
  • Confident
    GTMS graduates have spent years in a dynamic multi-age community, growing from school novices to classroom leaders.
  • Competent
    GTMS graduates have absorbed a wide range of knowledge and information, have mastered practical and academic skills, and know how to negotiate social situations.
  • Independent
    Graduates understand how to follow directions and participate cooperatively in a group.
  • Determined
    Given the autonomy to evaluate their own progress, GTMS students typically persevere at a task until they have done their very best.
  • Thoughtful
    GTMS graduates observe, experiment, and ask questions. They take time to process what they are learning and seek adult input when they don’t understand something
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