NewsSarah Shares: Moments of Connection
Sarah Shares: Moments of Connection
May 6th, 2021

Sarah Shares: Moments of Connection

Spring is a time when the world wakes up in so many ways. This spring, especially so. 


In the past few weeks, the blooming trees and bushes matched the blooming energy of increased inoculation in our community AND the clear confidence of our students as they own and inhabit their growing skills. 


On Tuesday, we held a face-to-face Lead Teacher meeting for the first time since November (masked, and in a large well ventilated room). There was a palpable charge in being together, as we explored deep levels of our curriculum across Toddler and Primary. We were able to approach a complex subject from all of our different perspectives and draw them out on chart paper, getting far more accomplished on the floor of the East Movement Room than we could ever have done via zoom. And then, there were the important threads of building community that only happen in person: teachers catching up with each other, asking where do you get your haircut? What are you doing this weekend? 


As we have seen all year with our students in the classrooms, interpersonal interactions add volumes to the value of our experience. 


And sometimes, the creative problem solving that we have done to meet our goals this year leads to new and better ideas, that may have never happened otherwise. 


The Gallery Walk preview of Greene Towne’s 35th annual Auction is a prime example. The Gallery Walk preview of children's art for this year's auction gives us a new opportunity to build community, even while we are not gathering all together. At the Gallery Walk on May 15, all families will get to enjoy their child’s artwork together, while strolling through our beautiful Courtyard at the West Campus. 


Have you signed up for your time slot yet? Reservations are required—don’t miss this unique opportunity!


What else will you see? We are making connections across our classrooms and community visible through a special project using Wikki Stix. Each classroom has a different color (the ADM classrooms share a color) and each student is making a shape out of their Wikki Stix, with all of them linked together to make a chain. This colorful decoration in the courtyard will be a colorful, visual representation of all of the children in our community. 


Children who come to the Gallery Walk will be getting their own pack of WikkiStix to take home (along with a dance scarf and shaky eggs, which they can use at the special zoom event with Mr. David Perry, on the night of the Gallery Walk on May 15). Children whose family are not able to attend the Gallery Walk will receive the Gallery Walk take-home bag at school to take home. This includes the Auction program. Every family will be included. 


I look forward to seeing you among the collaborative art work, and the ferns, the flowers, and the chalk rainbows, in our West Courtyard on May 15, and Mr. David Perry’s zoom party at 6pm! And of course, at our virtual live auction on May 21 as well!


Many thanks to our Auction co-chairs Lauren Freedman and Colleen Smith, our teachers, Bonnie Clark and Christina Schweingruber for making this unique community event possible. 


Silent Auction Registration    Live Auction Registration


See you there! Happy spring.