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NewsFAQs: Sign Up for Parent Observations!
FAQs: Sign Up for Parent Observations!
January 27th, 2021

FAQs: Sign Up for Parent Observations!

We are pleased to offer parents opportunities to observe their child(ren) this spring in advance of Spring Parent/Teacher conferences. Observations give you a chance to see your child in action and later discuss anything of note with your teacher during conferences. We welcome and encourage parents to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 


As in the fall, we invite parents to observe virtually. Here is a quick rundown of what a virtual observation entails:

What to know before the observation

  • Parents will sign up for the slot via Zoom registration.

  • All observations will be live streamed, not recorded.

  • Zoom links are to be considered private and may not be shared. Thank you for your cooperation with this safety precaution.

  • There will be two slots for every classroom, and all slots are 30 minutes. Parents are welcome to sign up for one or both slots.

  • Sign on to join the waiting room at least five minutes before the observation starts so there will be time to troubleshoot connection issues.

What to know for during the observation

  • A staff member will live stream a feed of the classroom from a tablet. This person will be inside the classroom for maximum visuals.

  • The observations are muted for sound. This gives parents the opportunity to watch without the bustle of the classroom which can be distracting.

  • All parents in a given classroom will be able to watch the live stream.

  • The staff member in charge of streaming will not be able to respond to chat as it will freeze the stream. 

Sign Up for Observations


If anyone has any questions or concerns, or chooses to opt their child out, please contact Nicole Leapheart (nleapheart@gtms.org). If you have any tech issues durng the observation, it's best to call the school directly at 215-563-6368 so that we can help troubleshoot.

Thank you!