NewsHoliday Drive Rewind
January 7th, 2021

Holiday Drive Rewind

A huge thank you goes out to the Greene Towne community for your support of the annual Holiday Drive! It was wonderful to see the gifts coming in and filling the donation boxes and speaks to the generous spirit of the Greene Towne community.


Donations supporting Turning Points for Children were met with gratitude and joy. In an email from the organization they shared the following statement: "There are no pictures of hundreds of volunteers wrapping gifts and smiling children to send you this year to say thanks, but Turning Points staff has hearts filled with gratitude as case workers come by our main office to pick out and deliver presents to all 4,800 children under our care. We share with you ... the affirmation that you have brought happiness and joy to so many children who need it. They now know that someone cares and that someone is YOU."