NewsSarah Shares: Community within Community
Sarah Shares: Community within Community
November 19th, 2020

Sarah Shares: Community within Community

Our Greene Towne teachers inspire me. Regardless of the challenges, their first priority is the children, their needs, and the quality of their experiences. This week, we had a huge task to prepare our at home learning kits for each of our 150+ students, with the added complexity of several staff members being out. 


The teachers came together like a swarm, organizing the work for the most efficiency, tracking the overall progress and filling in to help those who can’t be here in person to prepare. The materials that the teachers have assembled, and in most cases created themselves, are made with such care, that you can just look at them and sense the delight with which our children will use them. As we welcomed one teacher back from quarantine today, there was a joy that felt like returning to a wholeness we were missing. 


Greene Towne is a powerful community. We are moving through likely one of the most challenging times in the life of the school, and perhaps in our own lives. I know that I am, and I encourage all of you to as well, to draw on all the strength of our foundation, our connections, and our commitment to the children, to come out whole in the end.