NewsThank you for your heroism!
November 12th, 2020

Thank you for your heroism!

In the past year, our extended school community - some of our strongest heroes - generously contributed $104,033 to the Annual Fund, which is the foundation of our fundraising program. Because of your support, we were able to take several steps:

We increased our financial aid budget this year by 15% to help support those members of our community who have been financially affected by the pandemic, exemplifying our commitment to our community, our children, and our long-standing commitment to socio-economic diversity. 25 students receive financial aid this year and your gifts to the Annual Fund help make this possible. 


We maintained salaries, benefits and training for our talented faculty and staff during this time of great uncertainty. In addition, in the past year we sponsored Patrick Sutch for Primary lead teacher training and the Montessori administrator’s credential for our Head of School Sarah Sweeney-Denham. 


We outfitted all of our classrooms with hand-designed partitions, air purifiers, and e-sprayer equipment for disinfecting materials and spaces. We increased staffing to support enhanced arrival and dismissal safety procedures, and enhanced cleaning routines throughout the school day. 


We purchased many additional classroom materials for this school year and created individual work kits for Greene Towne @ Home should we need to pivot to remote instruction. 


These are just a few of the ways that your gift to the Annual Fund makes an extraordinary impact for our students. Greene Towne is a non-profit school and is able to do more because of the philanthropic support we receive from you, our heroes. During challenging economic times, charitable gifts have even greater importance for our school. 

Asking for your help and your financial commitment above and beyond tuition is something we take very seriously. Our Board and Head of School are strategic with our financial resources and have ensured that our school has the appropriate financial resources to both operate our school well and be ready for a rainy day. Your gift now during a time of increased expenses helps us for rainy days now and in the future!