NewsHalloween at Greene Towne
October 27th, 2020

Halloween at Greene Towne

In lieu of any formal celebration of Halloween at Greene Towne, each classroom organizes crafts and other projects to celebrate the season. Our students do not wear costumes or bring candy to share.  

Here are some fun socially distanced Halloween ideas:

Trick or Treat at home - Set up stations for trick or treating at the different doors in your house. To create atmosphere, play some fun Halloween music!

Trunk or Treat - This is a fun idea even when social distancing isn't necessary! Organize family or friends in your pod and have those with trunks decorate them! The children can trick or treat from trunk to trunk.

Piñata - Make and decorate your own, or buy one premade! 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt - Make a list of popular Halloween items and go for a walk in your neighborhood to see how many you find.