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September 16th, 2020

Calendars and Directories

Greene Towne provides physical monthly flip calendars for every family. These calendars contain valuable information! Beyond being extremely handy, these calendars have important dates noted for the whole school year. The best way to use these calendars is to take a moment to add all of the applicable dates to your personal calendars. You can also access our calendar here on the website. 


Greene Towne additionally provides a directory to each family. This booklet is another handy tool to keep track of and includes contacts for each family as well class rosters.  


These items will be sent home as soon as they come in from the printer, so be on the lookout in the next few weeks.


Greene Towne Montessori School Family Directory Policy

The Family Directory is sent to parents for their convenience. Its use
for any non-school purpose, including addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, for advertising, solicitation of funds or other commercial purposes is prohibited. This also applies to unauthorized use of email lists that have been created by parents for school-related communications.