NewsNot goodbye: See you later!
Not goodbye: See you later!
May 21st, 2020

Not goodbye: See you later!

As we come to the end of what may be the most unique spring in the history of Greene Towne, we invite you to join us in saying “See you later!” to some wonderful colleagues who are off to new adventures. 


Montessori Director/Dean of Faculty Jennifer Coulter wrote these beautiful highlights of our friends’ time at Greene Towne Montessori:



Anna Matsukevich joined Greene Towne 11 years ago. As a second career, Anna pursued her love for children and education by becoming a Certified Montessori Early Childhood teacher and joined Greene Towne’s teaching team.


Anna’s deep love for everything “Science” and Children’s Literature was demonstrated on a daily basis in her classroom. Through intriguing science projects including, building sugar cube igloos, conducting experiments, and asking the children “Will a pumpkin sink or float?” or “Why did the pine cone close up in this container of water?”, & the ever-favorite “100th Day of School” celebration each year!


As Primary Coordinator, Anna’s leadership skills and attention to detail were instrumental in the organization and unity she brought to our program. Among her many contributions, Anna made sure our chicks were delivered on time, caterpillars were ordered for our Butterfly projects, opened a Montessori material exchange among our classrooms, and garnered a sense of community among our lead teachers. 


In her retirement Anna will be dedicating her time to visiting her son, Noah, more often in Chicago, as he finishes his Ph.D. in Physics, spending more time traveling with her husband and following her passion for literacy and reading by helping to reopen public school libraries here in Philadelphia through continued work with West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC) where she has volunteered during her summers.


I am not alone in my gratitude to Anna for her deep love and commitment to Montessori, our children, and to Greene Towne!


Patty Bebee Wilson, or Ms. Patty, as she is most dearly called by all her students, has served with care, love, and joy for 19 years here at Greene Towne Montessori School. She brings joy and sunshine to every child, classroom, teaching team, and meeting she is a part of. One of Patty’s tremendous qualities is her kindness and patience with each and every toddler. Among her many contributions to Greene Towne, Patty was the head of the “Sunshine Committee” in bringing cheer and cupcakes to celebrate staff birthdays, she created beautiful artwork on display in her classroom, and was a part of one the first Toddler classrooms here at Greene Towne. 


In her retirement, Patty will be able to devote more of her time to her family and prepare for her daughter’s wedding,  continue artwork through watercolor painting, and spend her summers at the shore.


A dedicated Toddler teacher and a beloved colleague, Patty will be greatly missed but we hope she will come to visit us in her free time! 


At the end of the summer after six years at Greene Towne, Sydney Rotter will be embarking on her next adventure as she continues her work towards a Master’s in Early Childhood and Special Education. Sydney has been a loving and energetic member of the Toddler All Day Montessori Program throughout her time at Greene Towne. We have watched Sydney learn and grow over these past six years and we are excited for her as she takes this next big step in her career as an educator. We will miss you Sydney! 


Our search processes are underway, though we would never be able to fill these people’s shoes! We will share more information as we have it.