NewsMake Your Own Lemonade Stand!
Make Your Own Lemonade Stand!
May 21st, 2020

Make Your Own Lemonade Stand!

At this time of year, our Kindergartners have a tradition of making lemonade together to offer to our community, which would have been scheduled for this week. Given our at-home status, last week Chef Kim made a cool instructional video especially for our Kindergartners, for preparing lemonade.


We invite everyone to share in the tradition this year and make lemonade and snacks for their families! It's as easy as 123.

1) Use Chef Kim's video and recipe below.

2) Make a poster advertising your lemonade and snacks!

3) Click here to share pics.


Thanks so much to Nate and Ada for sharing their Lemonade pictures with us!


Chef Kim's Lemonade Recipe


1 gallon of water

8-10 lemons

2 cups of sugar


Pitcher Mixing spoon

Measuring cup

Liquid measuring cup

Juicer or kitchen tongs/strainer

Cutting board


1. Prep your lemons, making sure they are not too firm. You can microwave them for a few seconds and then roll them to warm the lemons up. Cut all the lemons in half.

2. Juice the lemons making sure to remove any seeds.

3. Add sugar to the lemon juice and stir to dissolve as much as possible.

4. Add water to the lemon/sugar mixture, mix well and add any ingredients to customize your lemonade.