NewsGreene Towne Introduces Greene Towne @ Home
Greene Towne Introduces Greene Towne @ Home
April 2nd, 2020

Greene Towne Introduces Greene Towne @ Home

On Monday, March 30th, 2020, Greene Towne officially lauched Greene Towne @ Home, our home and online learning curriculum. In a letter to parents last week, Head of School Sarah Sweeney-Denham said, "We know that it is impossible to remotely deliver the experience that your child has at Greene Towne Montessori School, though the Montessori philosophy and approach is powerful regardless of the setting."


Greene Towne @ Home: A guidebook for parents was included in the letter from Sarah. The curriculum is comprised of the guidebook, which provides an overall context of supporting Montessori education at home, daily online circle times in the mornings and additional afternoon circle times for Kindergarten students, and a daily schedule of suggested activities and resources for Toddler and Primary students. Greene Towne @ Home is designed to be adapted as needed for families.


Sarah concluded in her letter, "While it is very challenging to be apart, I know that this time has made me appreciate our strong and warm community that much more. I miss you all, and I know that our teachers are missing their classroom families very, very much. Please reach out if you have questions or needs—we are here for you."