NewsGreene Towne @ Home -- Guidebook and plan for Monday, March 30
Greene Towne @ Home -- Guidebook and plan for Monday, March 30
March 26th, 2020

Greene Towne @ Home -- Guidebook and plan for Monday, March 30

Dear Greene Towne families,


Sunny greetings to you today. As we left school on March 13, all lead teachers sent an extensive list of activities and resources for families to use at home. Since then, Greene Towne faculty and staff have worked together to take at-home learning to a new level, by creating a structure for families to continue learning at home.


Our goal in providing these resources is to give families support in whichever way works best for them. Please click the links for:


Each day, Greene Towne teachers will lead a live circle time via Zoom. Beginning next Thursday, April 2, there will be an additional zoom time in the afternoon for Kindergartners. 


As I said, there are many resources here from which you can choose what is best for you. Some families may only use the Guidebook. Others may only use the daily suggested schedule via email. Or you may use both resources. Some may choose just to join the live circle time. You may do a lot one day, and less the next. All of these are fine paths to take, and the resources we’ve created are meant to support you at every level of engagement. We will be gathering input from parents about how it’s going, and adjusting along the way as needed.


I also encourage you to reach out to one another. Set up video calls for your children to see their friends. Sing songs together, and show each other what creations you’ve made at home. 


As we get Greene Towne @ Home underway, we will also be providing ways for families to share photos and videos with one another. Stay tuned!


We are in the midst of an extremely difficult time that has arrived without much time for us to prepare. As a strong community, we are here for each other. I invite you to think creatively about how you might connect and support one another. Thank you for your support and understanding.