NewsThe Montessori Minute Video: Toddler Lunch Program
January 30th, 2020

The Montessori Minute Video: Toddler Lunch Program

The Toddler environment is a very special place, not only to be part of but to witness! Toddlers grow and learn so quickly and the gifted teachers in our Toddler classrooms prepare the environment in anticipation of these sensitive periods. In this Montessori Minute video, we give you a behind the scenes look at our Toddler Lunch program. There is a lot of work done to make this part of the curriculum successful, from conception of the menu and meal preparation to classroom preparation and finally to the daily guidance the Toddlers receive in grace and courtesy and practical life skills. The results are adorable for sure, but there is an amazing value in seeing these young Toddlers use the skills they have learned.


Special thanks goes to Chef Kim Siegel and the Toddler classrooms!