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NewsFood Drive Rewind
December 4th, 2019

Food Drive Rewind

Last week, Greene Towne Kindergartners sorted the Food Drive donations generously contributed by our families. The Ks take cans and boxes from grocery bags one at a time, and, using their emerging reading skills and honing their well-developed problem-solving and observational skills, they figure out what’s inside and then find the category the item belongs to: vegetables, beans, fruit, fish, cereals/grains, etc. and place it into the corresponding box.


It’s a big help to the folks at SHARE to have the food sorted when it arrives at the warehouse.

This year the Greene Towne community collected more than 60 grocery bags full of invaluable food to donate to SHARE. Thank you to the GPA for organizing and supporting our sorting with parent volunteers and to all of our Greene Towne families for contributing donations.


Before and after the sorting activity, Kindergartners talked a little bit about food insecurity, gratitude and, of course, Thanksgiving! After sorting we asked the students about the experience and more. Here are some of the students’ thoughts and reflections on these topics:

“How do you feel?”

I feel good for helping people.

I feel nice.

I feel bad because I wish I could keep working!

People will feel happy.

I feel good because we’re giving away food.

I feel tired because we moved back and forth, finding, putting in,….

I feel hungry and tired.

I want to eat the food.

Thanksgiving is for thanking people.

People will be thankful for having food and that we gave them food.

I feel good because I did so many. I think I did 30!

I feel good because I did all that work.

We’re not going to give the food to just one person, we’re giving it to a hundred!

I feel like I did it so quickly.

I feel like we did a great job because we finished it quickly.

I’m really happy.

“What are you grateful/thankful for?”

I’m grateful for what we just did (sorting). The people we’re giving it to will be grateful.

I’m thankful for my friends and family.

My parents

For having a brother.

For my brother.

My little sister.

For my family.

That I have nice teachers.

I’m thankful for everything!

I’m thankful that my brother doesn’t punch me.

For my friends helping me. And I’m thankful for having a house and a mom and dad.

That I have a happy life.

I like that I have a house and for my dad to drive me.

I’m thankful for playing football.

I’m thankful for babies.

For my stuffed animals.

I’m thankful that we have a dog.

Eating mashed potatoes and corn and gravy.

Giving people food.

I’m grateful for my mom and my dad because if I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be born.

That we have food and that we have Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is about fall and turkey. I’m sad

about the turkey’s dying but I like them.

I’m most grateful for marshmallows.

People will be thankful for everyone who made the food and who put the food in the boxes and for the


They’ll be thankful for us sorting all the food and giving them the food.

“What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?”

#1 answer: Turkey!

#2 answer: Apple Pie!

Salad, Bread, Chicken

Chocolate and Ice Cream

Chicken, turkey, rice, corn and beans

Cherry Pie

Pumpkin Pie

I like when my grandmother makes mashed potatoes.

What’s special about our turkey is that it has rice in it.

I’m going to India for Thanksgiving for 6 weeks.

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