NewsSarah Shares: Follow Your Passions
Sarah Shares: Follow Your Passions
November 14th, 2019

Sarah Shares: Follow Your Passions

The initial newness of the school year has shifted to a sense of comfort, routine and belonging, though I wouldn’t say the level of excitement has lessened any. Each day I see growing engagement, persistence, and discovery from the children in the classrooms, as well as evolving family events and new circles of friendships among families—clearly, excitement is booming at Greene Towne, community wide.



And we’re just getting started! In the next few months, there are many parent- and school-led opportunities to support and get involved. You will be invited to:

  • Support Greene Towne on Giving Tuesday

  • Donate to the Kindergartener’s Food Drive partnership with Philadelphia SHARE.

  • Donate the book & pajama holiday drive partnership with Turning Points for Children.

  • Contribute a holiday donation for faculty and staff

  • Assemble a birthday box for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Greene Towne’s partnership with Families Forward Philadelphia.


Each of these projects are important ways to come together to support what matters to us—BUT, there are far too many opportunities in these coming months for every family to do all of them, and that’s not our intention. We invite you to choose the opportunities that you are most passionate about to participate in. This broad variety of projects, each reflecting a facet of Greene Towne’s mission, gives us a chance to connect with one another and take action to let our love grow, in so many ways. Thank you to the volunteer leaders of each of these initiatives!