NewsK Trip to Bartram's Garden Rewind!
K Trip to Bartram's Garden Rewind!
October 24th, 2019

K Trip to Bartram's Garden Rewind!

Recently the Kindergarten students and parent volunteers went to Bartram's Garden! Check out the pictures below - looks like a good time was had by all. 


As part of the rich Kindergarten curriculum, we take the Ks out on field trips to the extended classroom that is Philadelphia. At Bartram's the children learned about John Bartram himself and even got to use a hand cranked cider press. After that hard work, they sampled the cider, too! The children took color swatches and tried to match them to the beautiful foliage in the gardens. Finally, the children colored leaf rubbings, and found some very impressive leaves! 


Thank you to our parent volunteers, our staff for assisting (with Danielle Landy organizing), and of course the crew at Bartram's Garden.