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September 18th, 2019

Gentle Reminders for Parents

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful start to the new year. We are still adjusting, but everyone is taking it in stride in their own time. Here are a few nuts and bolts reminders for parents - thanks in advance for your help!


Saying Goodbye in the Morning

A deliberately brief, cheerful good-bye in the East campus lobby or at the West campus gate on Croskey Street is easier for children to handle than a parent’s prolonged departure. A kind staff person accompanies children to their classroom door, where we help them find interesting things to do. It is rare for a child to continue crying for long after he or she has entered the room. If a departure has been particularly difficult, we will call you later in the morning to let you know how things are going.


Parent Handbook Sign-off Sheets

Please make sure that you have signed off on reading the Parent Handbook. Extra copies of the acknowledgement form are at the front desks.


Changes in Dismissal

Please be sure all changes of dismissal are made in writing. Emailed changes or completed Change of Dismissal forms are both acceptable modes of communication. We are not able to take verbal messages at the door or gate.  When emailing the change, please direct your message to:

Vishica/Christina at West Campus: WEST@GTMS.ORG 

Eileen at East CampusEAST@GTMS.ORG

You’re welcome to include your child’s teacher in the message, however, the administrative assistant is the first contact for schedule or dismissal changes and absences.



Arrival and Dismissal: When waiting in the car queue for a space, please keep the entrances to our neighboring driveways open. We cannot and will not accept/release a child when a car is blocking the driveways on either side of GTMS East or on Croskey at GTMS West. These same rules apply for services like Uber or Lyft, as well as taxi cabs. Please help us be good neighbors.

Dismissal: Dismissal is a busy time! When your child has been dismissed to you or your caregiver, please help us keep visual track of whom to dismiss by stepping away from the front doors/courtyard gate.


All medications must be accompanied with a doctor's note and walked in to the front desk, not sent in a backpack, where it can mistakenly be sent the classroom. Medications must be logged in and recorded at the front desk.


Please help us be safe, please help us be courteous neighbors, and please help us stay a considerate community. Thank you!