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Why We Phase-in
September 5th, 2019

Why We Phase-in

by Jennifer Coulter, Montessori Director and Dean of Faculty 

Our first week of school is underway and students are flowing into our doors each morning. Smiling faces, quick walking feet, news of the events of this summer, and some tears and extra hugs have begun each day here at Greene Towne.


The start of school here is a little different than most traditional schools or likely your own personal early experiences starting school as a child. Maria Montessori's philosophy of following the child sets the blueprint for our phase-in schedule. Similar phase-ins are happening at Montessori schools internationally!  The phase-in period here at Greene Towne is carefully thought out and designed to enable your children to have a smooth transition into a new school year.  The shorter visits throughout this week allow your child to experience their new environments in short bursts of time. In those short periods of time, your child is able to build trust and connection with their teachers, be acquainted or reacquainted with new routines and procedures, and to begin to see themselves as part of a larger community of children that they will become close with over this school year. Our faculty are experienced in helping your child feel cared for and comfortable through this transition period.


We appreciate all the work you as parents have put in to make this week such a positive experience for your child. On behalf of the faculty and staff here at Greene Towne we would like to thank you for your flexibility and coordination of your schedules in order to help your child’s school year get off to a great start!