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NewsSarah Shares
Sarah Shares
May 16th, 2019

Sarah Shares

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Looking back, and Looking Forward

Late spring is a remarkable time in school life—it is a time when all the work of the year thus far takes hold. When our children integrate what they’ve learned into their sense of themselves. It is a time of transformation, as much for the chrysalises in the classrooms as for the children who tend them. Our students are confident in themselves, and in their connection and friendships in their classroom communities. We look at the children and see them both as they are and as who they are becoming.


Yesterday, a first year Primary student asked me, with a hint of possessiveness in her voice, why are those TODDLERS here? I told her these two toddlers will be moving up in the fall—they came to visit her classroom to see what it’s like. That they were growing up, just like she is, and getting ready to do new things, just like she is. She stood as tall on her tiptoes as she could to show me how she has grown, and headed over to show these new students how things work in the Primary classroom. This unfolding of new evolutions of our children’s selves is inspiring, while also intentional and commonplace in our work and our mission. It is a blessing to be coordinating a community of transformations!


And so this time is characterized both by looking back and looking forward. On an administrative level, we are doing this as well—we are using our experience and insight to help prepare for and plan the next year for our institution on every level.


In the next week parents will receive a survey via email. Your insights on your experience this year at Greene Towne will help us to reflect on our work and to grow in it. Thank you for completing the survey — Your perspective is and important part of our cycle of growth and change.