NewsSupport Greene Towne through EITC or OSTC
April 9th, 2019

Support Greene Towne through EITC or OSTC

Greene Towne Montessori School is approved by the State of Pennsylvania to

participate in the state’s two programs (EITC and OSTC) that allow

qualified businesses or individuals to make restricted charitable donations to

approved institutions to support scholarships. Those donations then qualify the business

or individual for a PA tax credit of up to 90% of the donation ... in essence, if you

make a donation using one of these programs, for every dollar you donate, GTMS gets

nine more ... or said another way, when you give a little, Greene Towne gets more ... a

lot more!


The programs are relatively easy to participate in, but do have specific requirements

and restrictions for participants, with application deadlines approaching in mid-May and

early July.  We would be more than happy to explain these programs in greater detail

and help determine if you or your business meet the requirements.  Please reach out to

either of us for more information.  


Greene Towne uses donations received under both program’s guidelines to offer

financial assistance (tuition remission) to current GTMS families who qualify, directly

enhancing the carefully-crafted learning environment for all of our students. EITC and

OSTC programs really are a win-win for everyone at Greene Towne.  If you are a

business owner (or make financial decisions at your company) or an individual who

pays PA taxes, please reach out to us and let us explain the programs in greater detail.


Finally, you don’t need to have an association with Greene Towne to participate in this

program, just a desire to turn a tax liability into a donation that supports early childhood

learning at GTMS. So, if you know someone who might be interested in participating,

please share this email!


Thank You for your support!

Scott and Bonnie


Scott Deitz

Trustee, Development Committee Chair

Greene Towne Montessori School



Bonnie Clark

Director of Development

Greene Towne Montessori School