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November 29th, 2018

Food Drive Rewind

Thank you to all the families who contributed to Greene Towne’s 2018 Food Drive! We collected

over 60 bags of groceries to donate to SHARE. Thank you to our parent volunteer coordinator Rebecca Malcolm and to parent volunteers who helped the Kindergartners sort the donations: Keri Aikey, Megan Wood, Liv Lee and her mom, Dorte.

Thank you most of all to the Kindergarteners who sorted all the donations into categories using their emerging reading skills to figure out what each food was and what category it fit into. Sorting the donations will enable the recipient families to shop for the things they like best at the food cupboard. The categories were: Beans, Vegetables, Fruit, Pasta/Rice/Grains, Breakfast and Cereal, Dessert, Baby Food, Meat and Fish, and we had a mystery box for anything that didn’t fit into one of the other boxes. After packing the donated groceries into the boxes, the children felt tired but good! “We were carrying heavy things.” “We lifted up a lot of food!” One K shared, “I feel tired but I’m so happy we sorted!”

The Kindergarteners also shared their thoughts about Thanksgiving and the Food Drive:

Wow, there’s so many bags!

It’s for homeless people.

It’s for people who may not have enough money to buy food.

The people will be happy.

Thanksgiving is about:

Caring and Giving

Giving thanks to God and to everyone

Friends and Family

Thanksgiving plans:

Going on vacation to see cousins

Cousins coming to Philadelphia

Going to the parade

“Grandma’s coming!”

Favorite Foods: Chicken, turkey, tofurkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, cranberry sauce, cupcakes, treats, turkey cookies!

A few things the Kindergartners are thankful for:

Cousins! Family! My brother and sister.


People who give food to other people.

Giving food to homeless people.

The way my parents work together to help me grow up and eat healthy food.

My friends back in Israel.

My bike and sports.

My moms and everything we have.

I’m thankful for Mischa.

That my dad sometimes gives me toys.

Pizza! Candy! Turkey. Dessert, I want all the dessert!


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