NewsAuction Updates and Reminders
Auction Updates and Reminders
February 15th, 2018

Auction Updates and Reminders

SEE YOU AT THE AUCTION! Get your tickets!

Thank you to the many parents who have volunteered time, donated an item, placed an ad in the program, or are going to the auction! Financial aid and teacher training wouldn't be possible without your generosity.  Don't forget to buy your auction tickets online at, and please consider donating a ticket for a teacher. Tickets will be available through March 1st online. Once again, the children’s original artwork is amazing! Get ready to bid on your child’s artwork in the live auction. Your family ads are looking great in the program, thanks to all who participated in this year’s program. 



Last chance to contribute to your classroom’s themed gift basket, which will be auctioned off during the silent auction. The deadline for donations has been extended to Monday 2/27. Many thanks to all who have contributed!


NEEDED: iPad loaners for Auction

If anyone is generously willing to loan out their iPad during the auction it would be greatly appreciated it as they would aid during the silent auction.  We would need it for less than 24 hours and can return it back to you by the end of the event.  


Volunteer Day of the Event
There are a variety of small ways to give big help the day of the auction.
Check out the sign up!


Please email me or Thanks! - Kim Siegel