NewsBig News! Give a Little, Get a Lot!
Big News! Give a Little, Get a Lot!
December 15th, 2017

Big News! Give a Little, Get a Lot!

Would you like to direct how your PA tax dollars are spent? Would you like those tax dollars allocated directly to Greene Towne Montessori School? Keep reading for how you can make this happen.


Greene Towne just received notice that our application to participate in the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) has been approved. What is so exciting about this news is that this particular application, a collaborative effort with The Montessori School in Dresher, was submitted and approved as a Special Purpose Entity, which allows INDIVIDUALS to participate (EITC grants are normally granted to businesses only). Single tax filers or joint tax filers who participate in this specific grant would qualify for a PA state tax credit of between 90% and 100% of their donation to Greene Towne ... in effect, your entire donation, or most of your donation, comes back to you in the form of a PA TAX CREDIT ... or in other words, give a little, get a lot!


If you are interested in this opportunity to direct how your tax dollars are allocated, please read this informational sheet.  There are some specific donor requirements (annual income or net worth) and specific gift requirements that apply. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Development, Bonnie Clark, or myself; we would be happy to explain any and all aspects of the program or process with you. Scott is available for questions during the winter break. Bonnie will be available for follow-up after January 2nd.

Please note that the participation window is limited; donations must be made before February 1, 2018, and there is an overall dollar cap on donations that would qualify as part of this specific approval. If you are interested, please plan to notify us promptly. We will also be in touch in January to discuss the program further.


Thank you and happy holidays!

Scott Deitz

Trustee, Development Committee Chair


Bonnie Clark

Director of Development