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October 4th, 2017

Did you know?

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By now, you have hopefully received your GTMS magnet! If not, please pick one up at the front desk at either building. Do you know the history of the GTMS logo?

Designed by alum parent Joel Katz, the logo is a map! From the parent handbook:

GREENE TOWNE MONTESSORI SCHOOL’s mark takes its inspiration from the name of the school. In 1682, Thomas Holme surveyed and laid out a plan for Philadelphia to realize William Penn’s vision of a “Greene Country Towne which will... always be wholesome.” It is from this ideal vision that Greene Towne takes both its name and its spelling.


The most dramatic, identifiable, and memorable feature of Penn’s plan that survives to the present day is its organization around five great public squares. In the 1920s, with the creation of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Logan Square became a circle. The configuration of four squares and a circle thus remains an appropriate and recognizable symbol of the city, its origins and the source of the school’s name.


The five squares have been compressed into a unified, coherent entity. It is a bonus that the circle — the special square — is where Greene Towne is located. In addition to this specific historical reference, the symbol is generically a map or diagram — an appropriate appreciation of Maria Montessori who uniquely understood the value of maps and diagrams as a structure both for learning and for organizing experiences and process.