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June 16th, 2017

Full Greene Towner Kindergarten Interviews

In the weeks leading up to the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we spoke with our 50th Anniversary Kindergartners and asked them to tell us a few things about their experiences at Greene Towne: their favorite work, their accomplishments, the best thing about being a Kindergartner, their favorite Lunch-Around-The-World, favorite Field Trips, what they want people to know about Greene Towne, and what they’ll remember. We hope you enjoy these full reflections of the children’s time at Greene Towne Montessori School.


Sam Allsopp

Greene Towne is fun. I like doing Bank Game. It’s a math work, you add numbers. It’s challenging and it takes a long time, like 2 or 3 days. Best think about being a Kindergartner: Kindergarten time after recess and Kindergarten recess. In Music, I like holding hands in a circle. The Clay Studio was my favorite field trip because I made a monster emoji. Its ear fell off. The funny thing about the Clay Studio is that when we came back the bus took a long time. We had to have lunch very quietly because everyone was sleeping. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Mexico. I liked the taco we made and I liked the rice. In Art we’re weaving; I like that. I’m almost finished; it’s taken almost 3 classes to finish it. Favorite work: Reading. I like the Bob books. I’ll remember that and I’ll remember Bank!


Michaela Brown

Greene Towne is the best school I’ve been to yet. I learned a lot and I want to challenge myself so I can learn because this school has a lot of work. Favorite work: the glitter Africa Map. It took 2 days. First I traced the Africa map, then I painted glue on it and then I shook the glitter on. I put the glue on one country at a time so they didn’t stick together. Mostly, I do math work. I like division and after each hard work, I do a fun thing: I get to punch out shapes; it’s always with the season so in the winter it’s snowflakes. We do a lot of Kindergarten work. My favorite is doing my journal. I write about the weather and I write today’s date and I say what I’m doing that day. I really like the teachers, they’re fun. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I would say Chinatown, I ate some rice. There was soup and vegetables and at the end there was a cake with a lemony icing in the middle. My favorite Field Trip was the Fire Station because we got to go in the truck and they showed us how the alarm goes off. When they do a fire run, the 1st thing they do is get everyone out of the house. To get people out of the house, they have to crawl. And I liked the ADM Kindergarten trip to the Flower Show.


Joshua Choules

I like being a Kindergartner because we get to go on field trips and get to do new stuff. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Doing the Chains, eating lunch at school, going to recess after lunch, and staying in the afternoon. The new work is Clock work and we build the Red Rods and Blue and Red Rods together and make a pyramid. My favorite work is tracing the Geometric Solids. There’s a sphere and a cube. And one of my favorite works is matching pictures to the Geometric Solids. I like painting in Art; we made pictures and masks. My favorite Field Trip was going to Grumblethorpe. We saw the garden and the bees. I liked eating outside and we got to dig for worms and snakes. We found big worms and a snake! Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I liked going to Belarus because there was a big chocolate cake, and Greece because I liked the chicken on a stick. I think I’ll remember all the Field Trips and all the Lunches-Around-The-World and the 1st time I went on a school bus. Greene Towne was really fun! I’ll remember my friends and teachers.


Jackson DeFazio

Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: We get to stay longer and do the Chains.

I’ve done all the Short Chains and for the Long Chains, I’m on 5. I’ll do all of them before the end of the year. I like to go in the library and read books. Favorite Field Trip: When we went to the Septa Museum and Reading Terminal Market. We had instructions on what to find: a big banana, milk, a cookie. The banana was hard to find and we had pretzels. I like Art class: we did weaving, painting, drawing.  We made masks. I used blue, black, rusty brown, light brown and I used fabric and netting for the hair. I like going outside to play. I like all of the songs Mr. Broomall does. I have a song binder where I put all the songs I learn. I’ll remember my teachers and my friends. My favorite thing in school is having lunch; I like sitting with friends.


Layla Fisher

Greene Towne is cool because learning is fun there and there are different kinds of works. Favorite work: Rainbow writing. You write with different crayons. I like writing about my family, my brother, about stuff I like to do. I like to give people lessons. In the classroom we draw and collage and paint; it’s some of my favorite work.  Best thing about being a Kindergartner: field trips and helping other people. Favorite Field Trip: Art Museum. When we went there we looked at different paintings. We drew pictures of different kinds of weapons. I drew a picture of a little shield and a sword. And I liked Chinatown. I liked eating the little waffles, they were yummy. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Mexico because of the tacos and I loved the churros; they were yummy! My mom and Andrew’s mom hosted. When I was little I couldn’t give lessons. When I was a little kid I couldn’t do the big metal insets but I could when I was a Kindergartner. When you’re a Kindergartner you get to do Art with Ms. Emily and you get to do all sorts of things like self-portraits and landscapes and it’s really fun. I’ll remember all the little kids and the Kindergartners. I’m going to remember all the teachers.


Nikolai Gardner

I remember going into the Toddler classroom and then running out. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: doing work. Last year I started the Short Chains and this year I do the Long Chains. I like Kindergarten recess and going to the Courtyard. There’s lots of space! I like reading the I Can book. It’s about things you can do and the last page is “I can hug.” I’m going to read that when we read to the Toddlers. Favorite work: Reading Bob books and subtraction because it’s funny. I like Art. My favorite was the second part of the Crocodiles when we were finishing it and adding the details.  I liked painting the tail. And I liked the Cherry Blossoms. Favorite Field Trip: Reading Terminal Market with my dad. That’s why it was my favorite. I really liked the scavenger hunt. One of the things was a cookie cutter. I’ll remember West campus. I’ll remember my friends and I’ll remember the Maps.


Scott Gieseke

I like reading. Greene Towne has lots of books that you can practice reading. I like the pigeon book, Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. I read it to my sister and one time I read it to my grandma, she laughed. Favorite work: I would say Maps. I’ve done the World Map with Antarctica and Africa. Sometimes you can paint a map, that’s hard! Maps have lots of pieces. Africa has lots of countries! Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Greece. We had chicken on a stick and meat balls, they were good. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown because we had so yummy food. I tried everything! We saw the big gate, sometimes I pass it when I’m going to school. I think I’ll remember the books and works. Drawing is my second favorite work. I like to draw pictures of fun buildings with water slides and I write stories about them. My favorite Art class was the auction project because it had lots of purple; that’s my favorite color. We made masks. I used mostly pink. I didn’t put any hair on the mask. I did lots of designs. I’ll be older and taller in 1st grade. I’ll remember Bernie; we’ll stay friends. I’ll remember all the teachers; I love them.


Finlay Grant

I like Greene Towne. The best thing is the teachers. Biggest accomplishment: the Maps. The best thing about being a Kindergartner: Maps! I’ve done most of the maps: Asia, Africa, World Map, Taiwan. I think I’ll do Europe soon. I’m pin-punching the United States Map now.  After I punch them out I’m going to glue them all to the map I already traced. My favorite math work is Spiral Hundred Board. It takes just 2 days and I like regular Hundred Board. Favorite Field Trip: Grumblethorpe. The best part was the worms and I liked planting the trees on Arbor Day. I liked planting the lettuce; it’s growing at home. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I liked going to the Chinese restaurant. The dessert had an egg in the middle. Favorite Art: When we made the masks. And I remember the clay owls. First I made one out of paper. I’ll remember everything!


Delaney Ho

On being a Kindergartner: I like that you get to help younger friends. I like to help them with works. Favorite work: In general, I like Cloth Washing work. Favorite Kindergarten work: I like making up stories. I take pictures and do a story that describes the picture. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Greece! I liked the pasta and the beef. It was really good and I really liked the grape leaves. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown! I liked the arch. I like the designs on it. How did they get it here? It’s been there for years and years. In my afterschool class I really get a chance to show myself, I dance and move. In Art we learned about Frida Kahlo and Grant Wood. After Frida Kahlo we did self-portraits and things that involve people. After Grant Wood we made landscapes. They were so fun to make. Especially the watercolor part, it was pretty. Before the watercolor I drew with sharpies and crayons. I really like music at Greene Towne. We run and we do fun activities, it’s not just music.  I think I’m going to remember my teachers and friends.


Raina Ho

I like Art. I like painting and the Alligators. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Field Trips! I liked the Clay Studio. We made monster pinch pots. We pinched the clay and then we added details and then we painted them. The paints didn’t look like real colors. I like Lunch-Around-The-World. My favorite was Belarus. I liked the mushroom soup. Favorite work: Maps. You trace and color them. I’ve done most of them; I haven’t done Europe or North America. I’ll do them before June. And I haven’t done Africa. I did the United States, that takes the longest. And the Chains, they’re a number work. I’ve done the 5 Long Chain. There’s a 1000 Chain and it’s the longest. The 1000 Chain will take 2 days. I like doing the Flags and I liked the chicks. I wrote a story about the chicks. They hatched. And I like my journal. My favorite journal was the book about me. There were questions to answer and I wrote what I’ll be when I grow up, your favorite meal, your friends, your eye color, and if you lost any teeth.  I take after-school classes. I have Art and Theatre and I took Japanese. I’ll remember the classroom and the works. I’ll remember my friends and I’ll miss them.


Sara Hogea

I like being a Kindergartner. Sometimes it’s hard because we get to do hard math. I like being a Kindergartner because you don’t have to rest. I like having recess with the other Kindergartners. I like this school because it’s really fun to make new friends. I like Greene Towne because it’s a nice school and I like the teachers and the classroom. I like how teachers let us set out name cards and choose where we sit. This morning I got to bring all the lunch boxes to the kitchen. I couldn’t do really tricky math work before and now I can do really tricky math work. I like to do multiplication and subtraction and I like to do division. I’m kind of sad that I’m going to graduate. I’m sad to leave the new friends because I only got a year with them. Next year there will be new Kindergartners. I hope a lot of people will come to Greene Towne and that they’ll like it a lot. My favorite Field Trip was when we got to go to the Academy of Natural Sciences. We saw frogs that I’ve never seen and we got to see the dinosaurs. I really like Greene Towne Montessori School. I’m going to remember all my friends and the funny times we had on trips.


Thomas Holt

I like when I work with Evangeline. We write songs, we play, we take turns doing the easel. Best thing being a Kindergartner: Journal and word search. I write about cheetahs and the Rain Forest and Nellie, a blue macaw. I like food work like Pirate Booty. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I liked when we had spring rolls in Chinatown. They’re my favorite. I eat them all the time! I like when I do art. My favorites are the fish kite, the masks, and the owls, we’ll bring them home next week. Favorite Field Trip: Grumblethorpe. We held worms and saw a baby snake and we ate lunch there. When we went to Reading Terminal Market we tried to find a big banana sign. I like the new surface on the play deck and the worms. I like reading. I want to stay at Greene Towne. I’ll remember Pirate Booty, working with Evangeline, and recess.


Bowie Jaffe

I love Greene Towne! I love everything! Best thing about being a Kindergartner: you get to do projects. They’re all so fun. You get to go on Field Trips and they’re all so fun. Favorite work: Stamp Game addition. Today I made up my own way with the carrying. I’m doing carrying addition now and after is carrying subtraction. I like to read the Magic Tree House books. The one I really remember is Danger in the Darkest Hour. I’m reading it at home. It’s about WWII. They go behind enemy lines. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Aya’s Café, it’s so good. It’s so yummy! I ate the same things I order when my family goes. I also like food work and snack. I like food.  Kindergartners stay in the afternoon so you get two recesses. Today I helped Lily sharpen a pencil and I helped her label the planets. I was taking a break from Stamp Game. I love writing stories about battles. I’ll remember that I love Greene Towne and I never want to leave but I know I’m going to a good school. We’re giving the teachers nice messages.


Maiya Koninina

Math is fun work! Math is my favorite work! I like counting to 100 with the Bead Board. I like the Chains, I’m on the 8 Long Chain. The 7 Long Chain goes to 343. I think I’ll do the 9 Chain before the end of the year. Most challenging work and biggest accomplishment: the Chains. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: I get to eat lunch at school every day. I love Music class because Mr. Broomall is funny! I like to play on the play deck and have Art. I liked making the fish kite for Children’s Day and I put some glitter on my fish. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Belarus because my mom cooked it. We eat Belarus food at home for dinner. Favorite Field Trip: Grumblethorpe. Finding the little snake was best. I’ll remember all my friends and my teachers and I think I’ll remember the Chains.


Eduardo Liu

On being a Kindergartner: I like eating lunch at school. I like eating with my friends. I like everything about Art: weaving, painting, the masks, drawing, our self-portraits. Favorite work: Making a shapes town. It’s a town made out of shapes on a big piece of paper. I trace the shapes on a big piece of paper, I color in the shapes then I roll it up and take it home! I did every Chain. I like the 10 Chain; it’s the biggest and it goes up to 1000. I would say it took 2 days, not so long. I started it in Kindergarten time one day then I finished it the next day. Favorite Field Trip: My favorite was the Clay Studio and also Grumblethorpe. At the Clay Studio we made pinch pots; we made monsters. At Grumblethorpe I was digging for worms and I found two. I liked when we had lunch at Grumblethorpe. Kindergarten recess at the courtyard is fun because there are other Kindergartners.


Max Marsano

Favorite work: Flag work. You get a map and the flags and you match the names on the map. You trace the flags and color them. It’s sort of challenging. Favorite Field Trip: Grumblethorpe because we got to look for different kinds of bugs and we found worms and stinkbugs, ladybugs, centipedes, and snakes. I found a snake; it was about 6 inches long. It was a baby. There were grubs too. We made pinch pots at the Clay Studio. I made monster pinch pots; the opening was their mouths. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Helping other kids learn to do work. For a long time I looked forward to doing Clock work. I can do it now. Favorite work: Snake, you lay out the Chains. It’s math. My favorite part of the day is lunch. I get to see who my partner is and I’m usually hungry. I’ll remember all the kids doing work and that there’s great teachers and they’re just really nice teachers. I know I’ll remember my friends.


Quinn Peterson

I remember being a Toddler: Miss Michelle, Miss Patty, and Miss Desiree were my teachers. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: being older. We made Crocodiles in Art class. I painted the paper and cut strips and then I weaved the paper. I made an owl on paper and then in clay. I added details and then I painted the clay. Maps are my favorite. I’m working on a map now. It has yellow, purple, blue, green, it’s Canada! I cut the shapes and now I’m gluing them. I made a skeleton: there’s cranium, clavicle, sternum, ribs, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, and phalanges. Favorite Field Trip: Art Museum because I have an art class there. We did some arts and crafts. I liked the Fire Station too. We got to go into the fire truck. It was a big machine, there are lots of lights and buttons and we got to pretend to drive a little. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Mexico. We made maracas. I took them home and shook them a lot! I liked planting the salad; it’s growing big! And I liked digging the dirt and planting and finding worms was very fun. I’ll remember that I had fun at Greene Towne. I’ll remember my friends: Delaney, Layla, Maiya, Andrew and Dashel. I’ll remember my teachers Ms. Coulter and Mr. Donner.


Dashel Rabe

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Art. It’s my favorite. Making owls was best. First we made the sculpture then we painted it. Ms. Emily hung them up. Favorite work: Maps. I’m doing one right now; it’s South America. I’m going to trace it and put the puzzle together and I’m going to use glue to put pipe cleaners on it. And a lot of things made of wood: Screwdriver work, the Cylinders. And polishing, you use a cotton ball and a cloth and when you’re done it’s all shiny. Biggest accomplishment: A puzzle Map. I could do it when I was 4 but wasn’t really good at it. Now that I’m 5 and ¾ I’m good at it. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Mexico. I went to Mexico and had the same food. I had burritos; I liked the salsa. Favorite Field Trip: Fire Station. We went into the fire truck. When mommy picked us up, we went back!


Oliver Rabe

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Art. We get to paint and color. We do paintings from different artists. We made Alligator puppets. Favorite work: The Lock work. My favorite work when I was little was Maps. I like tracing and coloring them in. Favorite challenging work: the Chains. I’ve done all the way to the blue one. Favorite Field Trip: I liked Chinatown and the Fire Station and seeing all the equipment for the firemen. In Chinatown I liked the mini waffles, those are my favorite. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I liked Mexico when we made tacos. I put chicken and cheese on mine. During Kindergarten time I like to read Bob books. My favorite Bob book is The King. I’ll remember the play deck and my friends and my teachers. We’ll visit Greene Towne next year.


Kalina Racheva

Favorite Work: The Chain work. I’ve done the Long Chains up to 8 and I’ve done all the Short Chains. They take a long time. And Flag Tracing. I like the Farm work. You put all the animals in the stable and you match the animals to a card with the animals’ names. If it’s roof or fence, you put the card on the barn. I accomplished a new work that I’ve never done before; it’s multiplication. I felt happy when I finished it. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: The first one at Aya’s Café because there was interesting food that I liked. My Favorite Field Trip was when we went to Chinatown. My other favorite was when we went to the Art Museum. We looked at statues and we pretended we were in places like Paris. On being a Kindergartner: I like that we have special projects. We did pottery. We get Kindergarten time when we learn new sounds and new work. My favorite Art class so far was when we made the Crocodiles. It’s a puppet. Music class is fun. Mr. Broomall is so funny! Movement is fun because we get to do obstacle courses; every week we do a different theme.  I’ll remember the Farm work and Flag work.


Micah Segal

I’ve been at Greene Towne for 5 years since I was a Toddler. When I was a Toddler I was one of the youngest and now I’m the oldest in my class. I love the teachers and I love all the math work, reading, and writing. I’m on #44 of the Magic Tree House books, it’s A Ghost Tale for Christmastime. I really like it! I’d say my favorite work is Clock work. I really learned a lot from it. And Chains. I’ve finished the 8 Chain and I’m doing the 9 Chain next. So far my favorite Field Trip is Reading Terminal. My mom is hosting the next Lunch-Around-The-World. That will be my favorite. We’re figuring out what to make and my mom and dad are both coming. The best thing about being a Kindergartner is Kindergarten time. I really like Kindergarten time. We write stories. My favorite unit is the Rain Forest. I learned that jaguars stay on the ground. I thought they climbed up high. I love what we’re doing in Art. We’re making fish for Children’s Day, they’re kites. The best thing about Music is birthday picks. If it’s your birthday, you pick the song. I’m definitely going to remember the Chains, the Clock work, and my teachers.


Evangeline Sicoutris

My favorite thing to work on is writing and doing math, they’re all good. My favorite thing about Kindergarten is writing. I like to write about cats and kittens and dogs and spider webs. I draw a picture with a cute kitty walking along. Biggest accomplishment: Writing! Being a Kindergartner is fun. We have recess with all the Kindergartners. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Mexico because we had tacos. We made them and I ate it; it was good! Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown because I got shrimp dumplings. My favorite Art class was the Alligators. We made them out of paper. We used scissors and different colored paint and we weaved. They took a long time. In Music we sing and run. I’ll remember my teachers and my friends. Some of my friends are going to 1st grade with me.


Bernie Young

On being a Kindergartner: It’s your last year and you’re one of the oldest is the class. You get to teach little kids big works like the Africa Map and the Asia Map and the Canada Map and the United States Map. The funnest part is going to Art. I like making arts and crafts. We made ties. We cut the shape then we drew with sharpies and oil pastel. Favorite work: Probably the Triangle work; you put them together however you want. My favorite map is the South American Map because I was born in Chile and I speak Spanish. Maps are kind of challenging. Africa is the hardest because it has the most countries: Mali, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa. In the South American Map there’s Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, and French Guiana. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown because we got to go in the subway station and we got to eat yummy food. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: Greece because I liked the chicken. I’m going to remember Art and making Maps. I’ll remember Scout, Raina, Oliver, Sam, and Max and all the kids in the whole school. I’m going to miss my friends; I’ll still see them sometimes.


50th Picture Photo credit: Anna Chandra Photography