NewsEarth Week Rewind
Earth Week Rewind
May 4th, 2017

Earth Week Rewind

Thank you to our Earth Week and Arbor Day Parent Volunteers!

Greene Towners Greening Center City

In 1966 Greene Towne Montessori School’s founding parents derived their inspiration in naming

the school from William Penn’s aspiration for Philadelphia to be a “greene countrie towne”.

Today, Greene Towne students and parent volunteers contribute to fulfilling Penn’s dream for a

healthy, green city.


During the week between Earth Day and Arbor Day, students engaged in a variety of activities

learning the importance of caring for the natural environment. Throughout the week, parents,

students, and teachers worked together to welcome a new growing season by planting, setting up worm composting, and caring for street trees in and around the school.


Our roof top container garden and courtyard garden provide our city-dwelling students the

opportunity to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables to enjoy throughout the growing season.

Established by parent volunteers in 2003, the gardening program has expanded to include tending street trees and worm composting, keeping close to 500 pounds of kitchen and paper waste from landfills each year. All the children, from the youngest Toddler to the oldest Kindergartner, relish digging for worms, squealing with delight when they find one.