NewsMontessori Education Week is Next Week!
February 23rd, 2017

Montessori Education Week is Next Week!

This week on Facebook we have  been posting articles about Montessori, what the philosophy means, and the long term benefits of a Montessori education. Sometimes, however, there is nothing like a personal testimony to explain why parents are drawn to Montessori.


Many Greene Towne Montessori students have parents who attended Montessori schools. These parents had such great experiences that they chose Montessori for their children. A few of these parents shared with us their reasons for choosing Montessori education for their children who now attend Greene Towne:


We chose Montessori school because we believed it helps develop a child's love of learning and exploration.


I believe that kids who go to Montessori School really learn to enjoy school because they get to concentrate on activities that they enjoy. When Montessori educated kids get older they look forward to going to school (vs other types of education). I see how this can help facilitate education and make children all around happier as they grow into adolescence and beyond.


I chose Montessori for my daughter (and soon my son) because I want them to love learning!  I remember being able to explore my classroom when I was younger and find work that engaged me.I was never ever bored and I was always allowed to be curious.  I want my kids to have that, too.   


It was simply a given.  I enjoyed doing school. Montessori taught me perseverance. I wanted my kids to love school and work. I had wonderful experiences and teachers at many schools but I credit Greene Towne with giving me a love for doing work and problem solving. How could I not give to them what had been given to me?”