NewsProfile: The Men of GTMS
January 26th, 2017

Profile: The Men of GTMS

The Men at Greene Towne

John Broomall, Music Teacher.  John is an institution at GTMS with over 20 years.  He works with all the Primary children every Wednesday during their music time.  The children explore music through voice and movement as “Mr. Broomall” exposes them to rhythm, tone and note value.  John holds a master’s degree and Orff certification from Memphis State University.


Justin Donner, Assistant with Jennifer Coulter.  Justin has been at GTMS since 2007 and is an alum parent (Hazel) and the current Director of  Summer Camp.  Justin enjoys the Primary students and brings his guitar playing into the classroom.  He is interested in all music, microbreweries and family gatherings.  Justin is a graduate of Judson College.


Edward Kalesse, “Mr. Kalesse”, has been taking care of us at GT since 2001.  For many of you, Mr. Kalesse is behind the scenes—keeping the floors shining at East, fixing the climbing dome on the play deck, setting up tables and chairs for parent meetings, etc.  He is married to Mrs. Kalesse and he enjoys his family and dogs and the seashore.


Qays Luke, Assistant Toddler ADM (afternoon).  Last year, Qays started part time at GTMS to assist in the Toddler program and we just couldn’t let him leave.  Qays enjoys the Toddler students and brings valuable experience in working with young children.  His nephew, Lucas, is with Ms. Cherise.  Away from Greene Towne, Qays is interested in the arts and especially drawing.  He is also interested in flying airplanes.


Joel Marucheck, Chef for Toddler lunch.  Chef Joel came to GTMS in 2015 and is enjoying preparing lunch each day for “57 customers” as he likes to say.  Before GTMS, Chef Joel worked as a Culinary Instructor at a high school voc-tech.  In his free time, Chef Joel enjoys farmers’ markets, knife sharpening and gardening.  He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Cornell University.


Brandon Och, Lead Teacher in Primary ADM.  Brandon came to GTMS in 2007 as an Assistant and has worked continually in the Primary ADM Program.  In 2013, Brandon received a GTMS Sponsorship for a combined Montessori Primary Certification and Masters in Education.   Brandon enjoys filling the afternoons with special projects, trips, cooking and additional time to continue classroom work.  In his spare time, Brandon has a band and plays guitar.  Brandon is a graduate of Temple University and will finish his MEd at Chestnut Hill College.


Patrick Sutch, Lead Teacher in Toddler ADM.  Patrick started at GTMS in 2011 as an Assistant and found the Toddler program to be the right fit.  Patrick enjoys the pace of the afternoons and working with the Toddler students on projects, outside play, making snack and classroom work.  He is also a “go to” for classroom odd jobs at West.  Patrick shares the Toddler’s love for detail.  Away from GTMS, Patrick enjoys time with his dog, carpentry projects and cooking.  Patrick received a GTMS Montessori Toddler Sponsorship for certification at Princeton Center for Teacher Education and he is a graduate of Temple University.