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Time With Family
December 8th, 2016

Time With Family

Winter Break is a wonderful time to slow down and smell the hot chocolate.  Spending time with your child is the greatest gift of all.  The holiday season is always a special time of year.  We all get caught up in the activities, family events, work events, important “don’t miss” events, and not to mention the do-it-yourself events.


This winter break why not give you and your family the gift of time together and cut your schedule back.  Holidays and school breaks are when families can spend time together and create memories for the future and memories don’t translate well in a blur or a rush.


Laugh together         

Bake bread  

Have a special tea party at home with good china. 

Take a winter visit to the zoo.      

Play like a kid with your kid(s). 

Climb Hawk Mountain in the Pocono’s. 

Make thank you cards - simple is good. 

Read aloud a few chapters each night of a favorite book.

Turn off the cell phone, TV, DVD player, and computer!

Bundle up and drive to the shore for a winter walk on the beach. 

Share stories of your favorite family times from your childhood. 

Begin a family journal with some photos and a sentence from everyone about their favorite family gatherings and add to it each year. 

Enjoy each other!