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November 10th, 2016

Tomorrow's Child in Friday Folders

This week we're sending home the November issue of Tomorrow's Child to all Greene Towne Montessori families.  We hope you will carve out some time to read some of the pertinent articles.  Children gain the most in school when parents themselves are engaged in ongoing learning about your child's development, experiences in the classroom, and interests. 


Your classroom observations, parent-teacher conferences, and the variety of parent education materials we provide all help you gain a better understanding of your child's experiences so that you can support your child in his/her growth.


Of special interest to our families with children from 18 months to 6-years-old:

  • Ten Signs of On-Track Development including Characteristics of the Normalized Child
  • Fade and Observe: How Montessori teachers are careful to never correct a child; instead, they observe and then re-present a lesson to draw attention to the finer points.
  • The Pink Tower.  Read how the Pink Tower establishes a strong foundation for Math success
  • When Toddlers Say No! You've all been there. Find out what is going on in your Toddler's mind and learn some useful tools for supporting his/her growing independence.
  • Toileting The Montessori Way: A natural process that grows out of your child's interest, desire for independence and self-respect, and gradually evolving neurological development. Toddler parents, take note!
  • Montessori 101: What do all These Terms Really Mean: Especially helpful as you prepare to meet with your child's teacher
  • Lastly, Dear Cathie: Why is Scrubbing the Table Important? Read the article to find out!