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October 5th, 2016

Sign up for Observations and Parent Conferences

We welcome and encourage parents to come to Greene Towne for the first parent observations of the year – and we are excited for you to see what your children are doing in their classrooms!  An observation is a great way to get a view of the classroom community as a whole and your child’s place in it. 

Autumn is the great “settling time” in a Montessori classroom.  Children are very sensitive to change, and the classroom’s equilibrium is particularly easy to disrupt during these early months of adjustment. 


For this reason all observations take place outside the classroom in the fall.


An opportunity to join your child in the classroom will come in December and January (check your GTMS calendars) when parents are invited for an evening visit with their children.  These evening visits are very exciting for the children, and they love showing their parents all the work that they have been doing.

Second year, third year and kindergarten parents will also have an opportunity to observe from inside the classroom in the spring.  By that time of year children handle extra visitors well.

What are observations?
An observation is an opportunity to watch your child in action in the classroom.

How long does it last?
Depending on the classroom, 15-20 minutes at the most.

When can I observe?

Slots are available from Monday, October 19 through Thursday, November 19, depending on your child’s Movement and Playdeck schedule.

Days NOT Available: Wednesdays (with the exception of Primary ADM, with no availability on Fridays instead), Conference days

What times can I sign up for?
Toddler parents: 9:10-9:25am OR 9:35-9:50am

Primary parents: 9:30-9:50 OR 10-10:20 OR 10:30-10:50

Can my partner and I observe together?
Of course! We encourage you to observe together as slots for observation fill fast and there is not much wiggle room. We ask that other family members or friends visit in May for Grandparent and Special Friends Day.

Who do I make an observation or conference appointment with?
Online signup for East Conferences or

Online signup for West Conferences and Observations

Call, email, or stop by to see Eileen for observations at GTMS East or call, email, or stop by to see Shawnaat GTMS West! Please have a couple of dates/times in mind – this will streamline the scheduling process. If you cannot make your appointment, let us know so we can open that slot up to another family. If there is a situation of no call/no show, other parents will be given priority signup.