While Greene Towners were learning at home this spring, we spoke with the Class of 2020 Kindergartners about this final kindergarten year at Greene Towne. We asked what they like best about being Kindergartners, their favorite works, favorite field trips and Lunches-Around-the-World, what they’ll remember, what they want people to know about Greene Towne, and we asked them about Greene Towne @ Home and what they liked best about staying home. Abridged interviews are printed in our Spring 2020 Greene Towner. Below are the full interviews. In the following reflections from the children, LATW is sometimes used as a substitute for Lunch-Around-the-World


Luna Abandeh

The best thing I like about being a Kindergartner is I write poems and talking about trees. I made a lot of tree stuff. I made an orange tree. First, I got some cardboard and cut some branches. We cut some leaves and some oranges and then we painted it. We made an orange to show you if you come to Kindergarten time soon. My favorite Kindergarten work is the Bank and the Clock. I like Bank Game because you learn the 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. Stamp Game also has 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. Favorite classroom work: The Red Rods because we make a maze with them. Me and Chase made two mazes and they were connected together. We used the Red Rods and the Blue and Red Rods. Then we test it out. We went inside and came out the other side. Best thing about staying at home: I like helping my mom and going outside near my house and playing games. I play games with my mom, sometimes my dad, and my brother. And I bake stuff with her. I baked a cake. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: Writing stories. I’ve been writing a story about Icey the Orca Whale. Chase mailed me a picture of an orca. I writed a poem too. It’s about bumblebees, it’s a song. We’re doing a project today at circle, I like projects. Yesterday we made slime; it’s super green and gooey. My favorite Kindergarten field trip was the Fire Station because we squirted some water and we got to sit in the firetruck. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café and Middle Eastern. It was my kind of food and it had Za’atar. My friends thought it was a cookie. I liked the French fries at Aya’s Café. With everyone sitting it was a lot of people. In Kindergarten Art with Ms. Emily, I loved making alligators. We made them out of paper and they’re puppets now. They were a lot of work! I liked it when we did Simon Says on Zoom. Greatest accomplishment: I know how to ride a two-wheeler now! I can turn, I can do tricks with it too. I can stand up and I don’t fall. I’m looking forward in 1st grade to meeting new friends and being helpful and kind to them. I’m going to visit Greene Towne. I think I’ll remember all my friends’ names and also my teachers.


Ophélie Baer-Dreyfus

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: We have two recesses. The first recess is the first years and second years and the Kindergarteners. At second recess there’s only Kindergarteners and there’s Kindergartners from other classes. And I like teaching the first and second years lessons. For the second years, I like to teach them metal insets if they don’t know it but some of them know it already. And first years I like to teach them pouring and how to pour without spilling everywhere. Favorite work: Sun butter work. We take one celery and cut it in pieces and we put sun butter on the pieces then we put cranberries on or we use raisins. Favorite Kindergarten work: Metal insets. Basically, we have a shape and three colored pencils and we trace the shape with different colors. I’m making a maze with my name. Favorite Kindergarten work @ Home: This year I like planting lentils. We planted lentils and beans in wet paper towels. I only have roots, not plants yet. Favorite Field Trip: Reading Terminal Market basically because we had things we had to find and at the end we had soft pretzels. And the Clay Studio. We had clay and paint, we rolled the clay in a square and we made textures. We put our name on and they put it in the kiln and we got it in a bag. We have clay at our house and I made a cup. I made a teensy weensy roller. I made this apple and this sofa. Favorite LATW: Mexico because there were chicken tacos. Best Kindergarten Art: At school, the crocodile puppets. At home, I liked the Cherry Blossoms because we blowed the paint and it made beautiful things on the paper. Adele did it too. The crocodile puppet was fun to do. We could do a puppet show with them. Greatest accomplishment: Reading Dr. Seuss books. My favorite is Cat in the Hat. I was reading at school and I read at home too. Next year: I’m going to see Vienna, she’s going to the same school. I’ll remember snack and Ms. Jen. I’ve known her all my years at Greene Towne. Even when I was with Ms. Desiree, I saw Ms. Jen.


Jay Bullen

Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: Having lunch and going to the West courtyard. In the courtyard I like to play with balls with Harrison. In the classroom my favorite work is the Hundred Board. I’ve been doing it at home. Another favorite work in the classroom is the Chains. I’ve done the 8 Long Chain, the 9 Long Chain, and I did some of the Short Chains. The 8 and 9 Long Chains were challenging. The 9 Chain took two days and the 8 Chain took one day. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: Learning about money. I learned how much the coins are worth. Best thing about staying at home: Playing with Summer, she’s our baby, she’s 11 months old. Favorite Field Trip: Bartram’s Garden because I had lunch outside. We walked in the woods. We saw a dog across the river. Ad we made apple juice, it was good. Favorite LATW: When we went o Aya’s because it was a restaurant. I like it because it’s a little quiet. All my kindergarten friends were there. We ate and we talked. I tried the pita bread. Ms. Matsukevich sat next to me. Favorite Kindergarten Art: Weaving and making the clay owls. It’s fun to weave; I like putting the string in and out. And it’s fun to make the owls and I like touching clay. Greatest accomplishment: Going down the tall waterslide this summer. I did it last summer and I’m going to do it this summer. I like doing Maps. I’ve done the World Map, North America, and South America. South America was kind of hard because there are a couple tiny pieces. First, I traced around the pieces with a pencil. And then I outlined them with black marker. Then I colored it in. And I wrote my name. It took a medium time to finish. I have them at home. In music we sing some songs and we skip around the room. In movement class you move your body. I liked going through the obstacles. I remember something else about school, about the words of the day: anonymous, sprint, capable, zilch, it’s another word for zero. Next year I’ll play sports on the roof. I’ll remember my friends.


Nate Chou

On Greene Towne: I like the school and it’s cool because it has a lot of cool works. Favorite classroom work: Maps. I like Maps. I’ve done Africa, I’ve done Asia. Asia’s the best one because Grayson, Nolan and I did it together. We did something nobody else did with it; we connected the islands with paper. We all worked on one map together and it’s stays at school. Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: Having Kindergarten time and only being with the Kindergartners. I really like when we go to recess. Different Kindergartners come to West and sometimes we go to East. At school I liked the time we did exchanging. We pretended the Stamp Game was real money. It was hard but a little easy because we could choose what we exchanged. Nolan had the most amount, he had a stack of 1000s. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: I really liked the Fraction Pizza. We play Stamp Game with all the Kindergartners on the screen. Mr. Och gives us things to solve and also we give things to solve. I did one. The problem was 8,020 plus 6,692. The answer is 14,712. It was hard! Best part of staying home: I like blowing bubbles outside in the back yard. It’s a little hard for Charlie. She does like popping them. We had to stop her because she was even popping the big ones I made and I wanted to save them. Charlie likes to ride my blue bike and I like to ride my new orange bike I got for my birthday. It has mountain tires. Best Kindergarten Field Trip: I really liked Bartam’s Garden. I liked grinding the apples and watching the teacher. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café because I like the foods there. I really liked the hummus and pita! On Kindergarten Art: We made crocodiles with Ms. Emily. I thought it was cool because the mouth could open and shut, open and shut. They were made out of paper. Greatest accomplishment: Reading books to Charlie because when I was four I could not do it. I read Pete the Cat, I Like My White Shoes and I read What a Wonderful World. I finished building a pirate ship mom gave me. I really like the cracker work when you put sun butter and jelly on crackers. I’ll remember Mr. Och and other teachers. I also might remember the Chains. I really like doing the Chains. I’ve done all of them except the 8 Long Chain. I helped Ezra and Khai organize the 1000 Chain cards. And I like doing the Geometric Cabinet. Also I’ll member the Red Rods, the Pink Tower, and the Brown Stair.


Dylan Collins

I have Kindergarten time. I do work like experiments and I learn Kindergarten works. Favorite Kindergarten work: Maps. I’ve done Africa, South America, the World, Australia, USA and Russia. The USA was the most challenging because of all the 50 states and their long names: Pennsylvania, California, Texas is a short name. The USA map was my biggest accomplishment at school. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: the Penguins. The assignment was how do Penguins stay dry in water. I already did my penguin and sprayed water on it. The water flowed off of it. Best part of staying at home: Playing for a long time with Brady and Elsie. I don’t usually get to because of school and homework. I’m playing a game with my dad, it’s Monopoly. I’m so rich! Favorite Field Trip: Reading Terminal Market because of the so good pretzels! We did a scavenger hunt. We had to find the pig statue and an ice cream stand. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café and Portugal. At Aya’s they have the best cheeseburgers.  I liked Portugal because I got to see my mommy and daddy. My dad made Portuguese rice and my mom made Pastis de Nata. In Kindergarten Art I like all the stuff I made. My favorite is the self-portraits. We learned about an artist who made portraits of herself. Biggest accomplishment: Learning how to play a new video game, it’s Harry Potter Legos. In karate my biggest accomplishment is passing my test. I got a new belt. I did it on Zoom and he’s going to mail the new belt to me. Next year I’ll be learning from videos. I’ll remember the Maps.


Robert “Risen” Cremins

Best part of the day at home: I get to spend more time with my family. I went on an Easter egg hunt in the lawn with Xander. I mostly play with him. We play with stuffed animals. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Now I can write. I wrote a book about science. We have beans in a baggie with a paper towel and we’re writing about what’s happening; it’s a Science Journal. That’s my favorite Greene Towne @ Home work. Favorite Kindergarten work: Drawing robots. I have a Book About Me, it says how many teeth you’ve lost? Do you wear glasses? I lost one tooth and another is loose. In Art you get to draw and you get to paint. Favorite Kindergarten Art: Doing the clay owls. We made owls out of clay. We had to roll it and scratch it with a fork and we used water to stick the parts together. I like pin punching. There are shapes on paper and there’s a needle and you punch holes on the lines. I’ve pin punched the World Map, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia; I pin punched all of them! Favorite Field Trip: The scavenger hunt at Reading Terminal Market because I ate the pretzels there. And I saw a tank with some big lobsters in it. A scavenger hunt is where you find stuff. I had to find a duck sign and an Eiffel Tower sign. Favorite LATW: The first one we went to, it was a restaurant - Aya’s Café. I liked the food; it was yummy! There was no teacher at our table. We were talking and playing games. Greatest accomplishment: Reading. I like to read books on my dad’s phone. One was I Like to Paint. I remember being a Toddler. Ms. Laura was my teacher. It was a long time ago so I can’t remember too much. I like movement class. We do donkey kicks and I did obstacle courses. Mr. Julian has us show him our favorite things. In music we play fun games. Next year I’ll make new friends. I’m going to ride the school bus with my brother, it’s in the suburbs. I’ll remember pin punching and probably building the puzzles like the World Map puzzle.


Nolan Cronin

Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: Actually, everything! I get to go outside with the 1st years. My sister’s a first year. Favorite Kindergarten work: Subtraction. We use beads. We made a Stamp Game to use at home. We got four colors of paper: blue, red, green and yellow and we cut them into 16 pieces. Luna was really funny, she played a trick on everyone. The answer to her problem was all 5s, it was 5,555. Best part of staying at home: right now, talking to you. I’ve talked to some of my friends, Grayson and Milo. I also love show and tell, singing Yellow Submarine and Erie Canal, and the ukulele.

I’m working on c, g, and a chords. I like to draw ukuleles and label it. I loved the chicks and my chick name "New York Airplane" and I drew lots and lots of pictures of New York Airplane at home. 

Best thing about Kindergarten Art: Making the self-portraits because I got a chance to draw myself. Favorite Kindergarten Field Trip: Bartram’s Garden. I liked seeing all the trees and the Ginko tree is really old. Favorite LATW: Mexico. The meatballs were my favorite. I actually asked for seconds. And I also like Chinese food. If we had Lunch-Around-the-World with Chinese food, I’d eat it all and lick my plate! Greatest accomplishment this year: Making the Bank Game cards. At my new school they have fencing. I like lassoing and fencing. I’m looking forward to inventing and making Lego robots. I’ll remember everything about Greene Towne: Making the Knight at Dawn collage for the auction, listening to the Jack and Annie stories, playing with Grayson, Nate and Milo, looking for worms in the dirt, talking to Ms. Erika about her Brancusi necklace.


Jordan DeFazio

I like seeing the worms, Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: Going on field trips. My favorite was the Fire Station because we got to use the hose! We sprayed the ground. It was really watery and really strong! Favorite Kindergarten work: the Hundred Board. You have to count up to 100. The first time I did it by myself and then showed it to other classrooms with a friend. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: The Chains. I miss my friends but I get to see them on Zoom. Favorite LATW: I Iiked Mexico and Aya’s Café. In Art, I like making designs. My greatest accomplishment this year, Jackson taught me how to ride my bike. And, I made my own recipe. It’s bread. We made the dough and I put on crushed garlic, oregano, and olive oil. And I made a fruit bowl. We put blueberries in it and dragon fruit, bananas, peanut butter and granola. Then we puree it and then we put toppings on it. I’m using a real knife now too! We ordered chicken eggs and an incubator to hatch chicks at home. The last time I did it at Greene Towne everybody got to hold a chick and one crawled up my arm. I’m looking forward to 1st grade. Math will be different. I’ll see Jackson a lot. One time when I visited the school I saw him. I’ll remember the Hundred Board.


Sam Dowling

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Going on field trips. Favorite Field Trip: Bartram’s Garden because we got to do the apple cider thing. We saw lots of flowers. We saw the river. Favorite Kindergarten work: Backwards spiral with the Hundred Board. I have my own Hundred Board with chips and I’ve been practicing that. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home activity: We put up signs that are sentences. On nouns we put a black triangle. On verbs we put a red circle. We put the shapes up on the wall. I like doing that. Favorite classroom work: Pouring Water. In my classroom I made a turtle. We traced the turtle and then colored it in. Best part of the day at home: Morning circle time with mommy and daddy, they both come. Today I’m going outside to do some chalk and going to the park. In morning circle time Mrs. Wood reads us books. In Kindergarten time we do math things and other things like the noun and verb shapes. Favorite LATW: Middle Eastern. We ate rice; I liked it a lot! I like painting. In Kindergarten Art, I liked the auction artwork. I did the houses and other stuff. The crocodile puppets were my favorite. We hanged them up on the wall. We painted a little and there was cutting and gluing. It took three or four art classes. I do Mr. Julian’s classes @ home. I like the star jump. You go in a squat then jump up in a star. Greatest accomplishment: Sewing. I was just practicing. I have three sewing things at home. Two of them I’ve started on, the third one, Eve started on. I’m making a flower. And reading words in books. At my new school I’ll see Dotty. There’s a big playground. I’ll have to go to other places for classes. Ella, Grayson, Harrison and some other people from Greene Towne are going. I’ll remember doing art, and Cullen, and Kiran, Silas, and my teachers, and my friends from other classes. I’ll remember climbing on the playground.


Milo Dyke

On Greene Towne: People should know about Bob books. They’re for reading. I like reading them; I read one every day. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Math problems and Bob books. When you’re done with a Kindergarten work, you can choose something different. Favorite Kindergarten work: Math and Bob books; I’m on set four. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: Stamp Game. Stamp Game is a row of numbers from 1000s to 1s. There’s 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. You have a little card to tell you how much to add together. We do it at school and at Kindergarten time and sometimes in Kindergarten time @ Home. In the classroom I like to sit in the parlor and sometimes read a book. Best part of staying at home: I love staying home with my parents and spending time with my family. I get to watch TV. I go outside a lot. Sometimes I play hockey, sometimes I play tennis, sometimes I ride my bike, sometimes I ride my baby sister’s bike. Sometimes doing my dish work. It’s electronic and it needs new batteries. It only works if you build it correctly. Greatest accomplishment: Fractions. I like math. Fractions are circles and then you write little triangles in them. You write how many triangles there are. You write a line and under the line you write how many triangles there are and above the line you write “1”. I’ve gone up to 1 over 5. Today I’m supposed to write a story, it’s going to be a chapter book. It’s going to be called The Tricks of Yoyo because I know how to do some yoyo tricks. One trick is to swing it in a circle and then switch direction. Favorite Field Trip: I have two favorites. The one where we made apple cider, it was Bartram’s Garden and the Reading Terminal Market scavenger hunt. I liked the smell of the food; I really love the food there. I like that we got a treat at the end. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café. I liked the pita bread and cucumber. And Mexico; I love tacos! On Kindergarten Art: I got to make a crocodile puppet. I liked making the teeth and making it a puppet. I didn’t finish it yet, I forgot to put the legs on.

Next year I’m going to play lots of sports: Hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and I’ll be in the same class with Cullen. I’ll remember my friends and my teachers and the Stamp Game. I’ll visit next year.


Logan Fisher

Greene Towne is a school that you should go to because it teaches you about learning. On being a Kindergartner: I get to help 1st years and 2nd years with their works. Favorite Kindergarten work at school: the 1000 Chain. It took two days and then on my second time it took one day. I did it on the 2nd day of Kindergarten. I’ve done the 1 Chain and the 4 Chain before the 10 Chain. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: Reading to younger friends. I read Pete’s Big Lunch at the end of circle time. Best part of the day at home: playing with my iPad. Favorite Field Trip: Bartram’s Garden because they had leaves and trees and you could actually walk around. The best was doing whatever you wanted after lunch. Favorite LATW: I liked the first one, that was Aya’s Café. They had French fries and chicken nuggets. I don’t do French fries and hummus together. On Kindergarten Art: I liked the clay owls. I got to sculpt them. Mine was sitting. I liked the Grant Wood the best. I just liked that he drew landscapes. At home I draw pictures of people from Mario. In 1st grade I’m looking forward to having a robotics lab. We’ll make robot Legos. They won the National Robotic Lego Building competition; I’d like to be on that team. I built a dinosaur Lego. It was hard and the mouth was confusing. I’m going to show it at circle time today. We have to show something that begins with a “T”, it’s a Tyrannosaurus. In movement I get to move and I get to do obstacle courses. In music, I like when we run. Biggest accomplishment: The 1000 Chain and writing in my journal. I wrote letters to my friends. I told them, “How are you? What have you been doing?” Then I told them what I’ve been doing and then I say “Have a good day.” I’m getting letters too. I’ll remember how long it took me to know I could do the 1000 Chain. I’ll remember my teachers and my friends.


Suhana Gambhir

I think that the playground is fun because it has fun slides and because the climbing structure’s fun. On being a: What do I like best about being a Kindergartner? Let’s see, I like when Ms. Matsukevich says I can teach people some works in the classroom, so I like doing that. We’ve been home for 42 days. I went to India for 6 weeks once and it was 42 days. Favorite Kindergarten work: I like doing the calendar at Kindergarten time. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: I like doing word searches.  Best part of staying at home: Playing Ludo online with my cousin. I do it from 8 to 9 every night. You can play Snakes and Ladders. Favorite Field Trip: I liked the Clay Studio because we got to make fun stuff with the clay. Favorite LATW: I liked Aya’s Café the best because I got to talk to the teachers about what we were going to be for Halloween. I was Wonder Woman. In the afternoon we have Art. My favorite Art was the clay owls because we got to make cute owls. Greatest accomplishment: I have a lot. Really hard math work I couldn’t do before and now I can do it: Addition, multiplication, subtraction. And I can read chapter books. Movement is really fun because you get to go through obstacle courses with a timer. In music you get to run around and skip and walk. I’m going to 1st grade on September 8, one day after my birthday. I’ll see my best friend at my new school. I’ll remember all my friends and I’ll remember I love Greene Towne!


Sabine Gardner

On being a Kindergartner: I liked helping others. I liked teaching lessons like Brown Stairs and Pink Tower because I want them to be able to have enough options so they can experience more things. It also makes me feel more grown up. I like two recesses. Favorite Kindergarten work: Number Strip Board. I like doing it a lot. You need to add. The teacher tells you the numbers and then you add. You add beans to make that number. I like counting all the beans. And I like doing it with Emma. You put one block on the board, there are squares on the board from 1 to 9 or10. There are numbers at the top. You put one on the first square. I like working with Emma, Josephine, Jordan and Finley; they are my besties on the Kindergarten team! I have all sorts of stuff because I’m an artist. I like the projects we get to do in Art. I liked the owl and I like Frida Kahlo. We made self-portraits. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: we made cardboard animals. I used boxes from ziplock bags. On staying at home: I play chess at home with my mom. Favorite Field Trip: I really, really, really liked PAFA because it has a lots of art work. Favorite LATW: I liked the Jewish food. I liked the latkes and the pierogies. Biggest accomplishment: Doing Kindergarten work. Because they are kind of hard, like Snake Chains. I’ve only been riding my bike for two weeks and now I’m a pro. On my 4th day I rode six miles on gravel at the Heinz Nature preserve.  In 1st grade all you do is homework. Next year there will be a lot of parties and candy. Next year I can come back to visit and do some work with the little ones. I’ll remember the Toddlers. I remember something very special which is doing matching game with my friends. That was when we have our special time. I miss Ms. Prestas and Ms. Brown and I miss my K friends. 


Finley Gordon

I would like people to know how things are going. How we’re doing Greene Towne @ Home. I like it a lot because I get to stay home. Some things I don’t like is that I really miss seeing my friends for real, like standing next to them. I do get to see my whole class on video. On being a Kindergartner: I get to do more trickier works. And we have extra time, time to do the trickier works. Favorite Kindergarten work: Bank Game. It’s a game where you learn to add numbers and take away numbers. Some of the numbers are 10s and 100s thru 1000. Favorite work: I think it may be silver polishing. It’s so shiny, you can see yourself in the silver. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: I think my favorite part of the day is meeting because I get to see my friends and recess because I get to play with my sister. We get out games. Favorite Field Trip: One was a scavenger hunt when we had to find things and check them off. It was at Reading Terminal Market. I liked it because we got to find things. Favorite LATW: My favorite Lunch-Around-the-World was the first one, that was my favorite. We got to eat at a restaurant and talk to all the Kindergartners. In Kindergarten Art I like to draw and I really like that my favorite artist is Ms. Emily. I did mandalas. It’s my favorite Greene Towne @ Home Art. I did that art and I did the shadow art. Greatest accomplishment: My favorite thing I did was when my sister and I were riding bikes and she fell and I helped her. It made me feel really proud. At my new school: I’m looking forward to a new art class because I really like all kinds of art and I want to try more kinds of art. I’ll remember my teachers, art class, and memories of being at Greene Towne.


Emma Gutowski

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Not having nap and doing different works. Favorite Kindergarten work: Addition Tables booklet. We use the Addition Strip Board. Favorite classroom work: Sunburst. You use all of the colored tablets and you put them in order by color. You can put them anyway you want. You turn a plate over and you can do it dark to lightest or lightest to darker. There’s red, pink, white, there’s yellow, there’s purple, there’s blue, there’s green. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: Playdoh. We make it into something. I made it into a house. It was the outside of the house. It had windows and a door. And I did an apple. I have so much work to do! I have homework. Best part of staying at home: Playing with Chase and going for walks. We went for another walk and we went past school. Favorite Field Trip: When we went to PAFA. Both of my parents went and we got to see pictures. I liked the fireworks picture. Favorite LATW: My favorite was Mexican because it was the one my momma came to. I do like Art. I liked making the heart wall. My momma’s favorite shapes are hearts. And I liked the crocodiles because it was fun coloring with sharpies on the mouth. It’s a crocodile puppet. Greatest accomplishment: Practicing reading real books. I read books I can read to my brother and I can read one of my favorite books. It’s called Red Stop, Green Go. I read that to my class online. I read a Frozen book, too. Next year I’ll learn Spanish. I’ll remember being with my friends. I’ll remember doing the sunburst with Hala. I’ll remember movement with Mr. Julian. First, we warm up then sometimes I do games and other fun stuff. I’ll remember my teachers, the play deck. I’ll visit next year and I’ll help my brother when I get there.


Kofi Gyandoh

I want people to know that Greene Towne is a really good school and I really like it there. I remember most doing the World puzzle, that’s what I remember most. I’ve done that a lot of times. I think I’ve been doing that the whole time since I was 3. I remember most from being at school the first time is telling the teacher my name is K-O-F-I before she had a chance to write it. Sometimes I help my friend to write her name. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Helping. Sometimes younger and sometimes older and sometimes they help me with stuff. Like Luke, he helps me with a lot of things. My favorite Kindergarten work in the classroom is Stamp Game. In Stamp Game you do equations and you try to figure them out. You need a color pencil and the paper. You write the number in little squares. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: Writing out everything you do every day in your journal. You write what you did every day.  Also in my writing journal I write stories. One of my stories was about a man marrying a woman. My parents got married. Best part of staying at home: I get to order stuff with my mommy online. I ordered a desk for my room next to Addae’s bed. Favorite Field Trip: My favorite one was Bartram’s Garden because I got to take a school bus for the first time and I got to drink apple cider and I never drunk apple cider before. It was pressed in a machine. You put the apples in and you push it down and the cider comes out. We turned it in circles. Favorite LATW: My favorite Lunch-Around-the-World was Aya’s. They gave me a hamburger and French fries and I didn’t like the pickles so I gave them to someone. It was very tasty! My favorite Art was making the alligator. It was like a sculpture out of paper and in school we hung it up on the wall. I remember doing the God’s eye. You use two sticks and yarn and you wrap the yarn around until it’s full. Greatest accomplishment: I think reading. Sometimes I like to read Bob books and new books. I read one book a day. I read books to my brother. There’s a book I know about two sheep; one likes to knit and one likes to weave. The thing that’s funny is when the wolf chases the sheep. At my new school: I’ll see all my friends from the last time I went there. I’ll remember my friends and doing the World puzzle with Risen and Ophélie. We do races with the puzzles sometimes.


Kiran Harhay

On being a Kindergartner: It’s really fun! You had a few years in school and you learn a lot and you learn a new thing every day. That’s my favorite thing. I like a lot of the work but the one I like the most is the Maps. I’ve done maybe three or four of the maps in the last year. I colored them and pin punched them. I like the dressing frames. The tying one is my favorite.  Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: I like a lot of them. I really like when we do amphibians and mammals. We do it during Kindergarten time with Mrs. Wood. And the domino work and the Mexico map. I made a little flag of Mexico and showed it to my friends. For tomorrow I’m going to make a paper lung. And the parts of speech. I do a lot of writing in my 1st grade workbook. Best part of staying home: I join my brother a music class. Nilan pretends to be the teacher. Favorite Field Trip: Reading Terminal Market. I definitely liked the hunt where we looked for eggs and milk. I was teamed up with Ella and her mom. I liked Bartram’s Garden too, a lot! I really, really just remember the apple cider. Favorite LATW: I loved Aya’s because that was the first Lunch-Around-the-World I ever went to, and the prettiest. Kindergarten Art is really fun. My favorite was definitely the auction picture. It was designed by us and made by us. It’s just cool to know that we did that. Greatest accomplishment: Again, I think it’s the auction picture. I love reading. I can read any signs on the street. I’m really excited, I’m almost ready for chapter books. I read to Nilan. Sometimes he doesn’t listen, he just plays with his toys. Music with Mr. Broomall is really fun. I made a new friend there from another class. It teaches you music and melodies and songs. Movement class lets you move and it’s just moving your body. I really remember a fun game with crawling and a hoola-hoop and you take turns pulling your friends across the room. In 1st grade I’m looking forward to making new friends and learning new things. I’ll remember all my friends and how much I learned. I think I may also remember all my teachers. I’m going to be in a magazine? Cool, I’m really excited!


 Chase Hill

The teachers are good. It’s a good school; we have good teachers. I like Kindergarten! I like helping younger friends. I help them with works like Sandpaper Letters. Favorite Kindergarten work: My journal. My journal is about whales and dolphins. Orca whales are actually dolphins but they’re called whales because of their size. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: I do my Kindergarten work and my journal. Kindergartners are assigning things for other Kindergartners. We’re at the beach. My house is my new classroom. We just got a dog, her name is Quinn. She’s an Australian Cattle Dog. I also make pods of orcas for people; I’m drawing them. One time I drew them on the sand. I’m mailing them to people, like my friends at Greene Towne. I really like to draw and write. I really like to color in stuff; it’s my favorite thing to do. On staying home: I have the freedom to play with my toys. I just got a new set of orcas. Favorite Field Trip: Reading Terminal Market because it has lots of food. I’d never been there before the Kindergarten trip. I did a scavenger hunt and I liked the scavenger hunt too. I found some fruit and we had to look for a duck sign. Favorite LATW: Mexico because it had tacos and chips and dips like salsa. In Kindergarten Art I liked the crocodiles. It took three classes or so. We did some weaving for the crocodile’s body and we did some teeth and a handle to open and close the mouth. I thought it would be different. I was a little bit afraid of going to school but then I got older and I like school. Greatest accomplishment: Giving lessons because people were giving me lessons when I was younger and I kept practicing, practicing, practicing and now I can do it. I always practice. It’s really good to do and it’s how you get really good at something. Now I’m practicing my handwriting and making pods of orcas. I’m looking forward to making new friends at my new school and doing hard works. I’ll remember that we always had Kindergartners and we always had teachers.


Khai Ho

I like everything at Greene Towne. I like to tell my mom everything that happens at school. Favorite thing about being a Kindergartner: teaching the younger friends stuff. I like teaching them country work and reading. My favorite Kindergarten work: I like the Maps. I’ve done Africa, Antarctica, Asia, the United States, and South America. They help me at home sometimes. They’re like posters and I like to show them to people. I like doing puzzles. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home: Story papers. There’s a space for a picture and a place to write. You draw a picture and you write about the picture on the writing place. You read them to your family. I’m keeping them in my journal. I write them most days. Best part of staying at home: Playing with my family and with my sister. We do some math. I have a math workbook and I’m going to do some today. Favorite All-Day Montessori Field Trip: Academy of Natural Sciences. We got to climb and play and we got to learn about stuff from the posters and there are sculptures of dinosaurs. Favorite Kindergarten Field Trip: Bartram’s Garden because we made apple cider. I liked exploring and finding the Maple leaves and I liked being with my mom. Favorite LATW: I liked Aya’s Café. I liked the chicken and I ate some hummus and some baba ganoush. On Kindergarten Art: I liked making the crocodiles. They’re puppets made with paper. I liked making the teeth. We cut out the tails and did some gluing and Ms. Emily put a pocket in it so we could open and close the mouth with our hands. She hung them on the wall. Greatest accomplishment: Doing the 10 Long Chain; it was really long. I think it took me two days. It took extra long because I had to start over again. In 1st grade I’m looking forward to making new friends and learning new stuff. I’ll miss everybody. I like playdates, that helps me make a lot of friends. I really like doing all the work. I also liked being in the Toddler class. I really liked Rehan. We were friends then and we’re still friends.


Theodora Iberti

On being a Kindergartner: I like to do Kindergarten work. Maps and helping friends. I help them with the bracelets. You make bracelets out of beads and a pipe cleaner. Favorite Kindergarten work: Maps. I pin punched the World Maps. I also did South America and Africa. I do them with a friend. You take them out, put them on the paper and draw around the sides. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: I planted all sorts of flowers. I sent Ms. Jen some seeds and we’re growing the same flowers. I also planted beans. I put them in the dirt and they started sprouting. I’m going to take care of them. I give them some water and I make sure they have the sun they need. And, I took some weeds out. Weeds steal water from plants. I’ll eat the beans, I like beans. There are morning glories blooming on my deck. The flowers attract bees, bumble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. They have kind of blue flowers.

Best part of staying home: I love to play with my cat, Little. I hug her and I feed her. I like to play some jokes on my cat. I put her in her basket. She always escapes. I play with Coco, too, my dog. Favorite Field Trip: The Clay Studio. I built a statue with my name. We made it out of clay then we pained it. It was my favorite because I like to make stuff. I like Ms. Emily’s projects. I did the Cherry Blossoms and so did Momma. Favorite LATW: It was Middle Eastern. I liked the chicken. Favorite Kindergarten Art at school: the portraits. First, I drew a big circle for my head. Then I did my eyes, then I made some ears. My nose and my mouth were last. Greatest accomplishment: I can do all the letter sounds and I write words. I love movement. I love the play deck and I like the courtyard too. I like them because I like to go outside. I’m going to miss the courtyard. I’ll remember people: Hannah, Rumi, Elisa and Vienna. I’m going to miss Ms. Jen. I like Greene Towne because I like all the work there and I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss it when I go to a new school. I’m going to miss everyone very much. I’ll visit next year.


Hank Johnson

I love Field Trips! I even loved the one at the market. It was Reading Terminal Market. We had lists that we were supposed to find stuff. Two kids were with one mom or one dad. My mom bought me and Jay a donut. And I did have a pretzel. I like building with the Pink Tower, Brown Stairs and Knobless Cylinders. Kindergarten Art was fun. I like Kindergarten Art because we get to paint. I liked to paint the leaves. At home I painted shells and rocks. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: Making my robot costume. We used caps. We even glued them on with the glue stick gun. It’s really hot! Mom helped me a little bit. But I liked building it because it was using the glue. I’ve been reading the Bob books. I did some art. I painted rocks and paper. Favorite thing about staying home: Playing with my train set. One has plastic tracks and one has wooden tracks. I even have Legos. I built a really long Lego truck with a trailer. Favorite LATW: there’s food I do not like at all. I liked the Lunch-Around-the-World to the market because they had fries and I like fries. Aya’s had chicken like the Franklin Institute. I like obstacle courses with Mr. Julian. On the play deck my favorite thing was Sluggy the Slug. Greatest accomplishment: I learned how to draw and I can read. If I could go to school now, I would go right to Ms. Matsukevich’s room! At my new school there’s a tool shed. It’s for special days. We’ll build things. I want to build a plastic conveyor belt.


Hannah Johnson

On Greene Towne: I like having lunch there. I like that I get to sit with my friends. I like the silence candle and I like the story after lunch. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Giving lessons to other friends. I like to give the Flower Arranging lesson and I like to give the Puzzle Maps lesson. I like to show them the Peg Board. Favorite Field Trip: I liked the Fire Station best because we got to spray the hose. I liked the Mexican Lunch-Around-The-World. I like cheese quesadillas and I liked the other things they had. Favorite Kindergarten work: Multiplication Bead Board. I can do it at home with my pennies. We’ve done subtraction and addition with the pennies. Ms. Jen said she’s going to show us multiplication. I know the multiplication tables up to 5. Five is easy it’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Four is my favorite; it’s the hardest one I know. I’ve been doing perler beads at home, I’ll show you. I’m going to do a flower next. I’m going to make the stem yellow and green. The middle of the flower will be all white and the flowers will be purple. The kit has 5,500 beads so it’s going to last a long time. Best part of the day at home: I like my alone time best. I sometimes do my perler beads. Sometimes I play with mom’s scarves, sometimes I read, and sometimes I rest. It’s kind of like nap time. Claire has a nap time. I can go in my room and in the playroom, the living room, kitchen, dining room or the porch. We’ve had Zoom concerts with my cousins, I played Ode to Joy and Happy Birthday on my violin. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: I like writing about the seeds in my science journal. I have a reading journal, a writing journal, and a science journal. During Kindergarten time we get to read Charlotte’s Web. We have the book at my house and I already finished it. I’ve read all the Rahl Dahl books in my house; my favorite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I also like James and the Giant Peach and I like The BFG. My mom and I read the 1st Harry Potter book. My dad reads me the Narnia books, we’ve read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian and we’re on Voyage of the Dawn Treader now. Art’s on Tuesday and on Monday we have movement class with Mr. Julian and on Wednesday we have music with Mr. Broomall. Favorite Art: Drawing stalks of corn. We were learning how to draw the little pieces of corn and the leaves. First, we drew them with pencil, then we drew in charcoal, then we colored them in. Greatest accomplishment: Being able to plant things. I help plant what mom ordered. We just put them in the soil in our yard then we water them. I’ll remember having a really nice teacher. I might visit for pajama day.


Cullen Kennedy

Greene Towne is fun. You can meet really nice friends. Best part about being a Kindergartner: I like the Field Trips, I like Lunch-Around-The-World, I like Art with Ms. Emily, and showing people new works. Kindergartners show works to younger people. My favorite Kindergarten work in the classroom, it’s number Chains. I love doing Multiplication Bead Board and Multiplication Bead Bars. I like doing works in my journal. I like the abacus too. It shows you how many 10,000s, 1000s and units there are. It’s kind of like Bank Game; it’s just you use the abacus to figure it out. Mrs. Wood said I can do subtraction now, then multiplication and then division. Favorite Greene Towne @ Home work: Doing Ms. Emily’s art projects. My favorite is my Koinobori fish. I made one and my mom made one so we have two. Favorite Art at school: I liked the auction project. The Kinderga