In the weeks leading up to the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we spoke with our Class of 2019 Kindergartners and asked them to tell us a few things about their experiences at Greene Towne: their favorite work, their accomplishments, the best thing about being a Kindergartner, their favorite Lunch-Around-The-World, favorite Field Trips, what they want people to know about Greene Towne, and what they’ll remember. We hope you enjoy these full reflections of the children’s time at Greene Towne Montessori School.

Idris Ahmad
Favorite thing about being a Kindergartener: I get to go on Field Trips. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown and the Clay Studio. We got to make our names out of clay and then we painted it. Then it went in the kiln. I got to see the kilns; we didn’t touch them because they’re super duper hot! In class I get to do the calendar every month. I also like to do Chains. I just completed the 9 Chain yesterday; it was very hard. It went up to 729! It took 2 weeks! The next Chain I’m going to work on is the 10 Chain, it goes up to 1000! I like to draw pictures and then I tell a story to the teacher to write. Sometimes I write the story, the teacher writes the words I don’t know. Favorite LATW: I loved India! I liked the chicken and rice. We learned a Bollywood dance. I’m learning how to do Bollywood dancing; we need to know it for weddings. My favorite thing in Art was to make the clay owls. Clay is fun; you can make anything you want and then put it in the kiln. In Music we sing songs. I’ll never forget Emma because she’s going to 1 st grade with me.

Mischa Buck
I started in Ms. Jen’s and Ms. Desiree’s Toddler class. Favorite thing about Greene Towne: Getting lessons from Mr. Och. He asked us to pick something we hadn’t learned yet; I picked Finger Board. Margot picked Snake Game; they’re both Math works. My last lesson was Snake Game. You make a snake with all the bead bars and then you make them into 10’s. My favorite work is Bob books, I think I’ve read 14 or 15. Biggest accomplishment: I just started tying my shoes and snapping! Most challenging work: the 10 Chain. I did it with Margot; it took one half day in the morning and then the next day we did it in the afternoon and finished it. It goes to 1000! It felt good to finish it. We were the first to finish it. Favorite FT: I would say the Clay Studio. I liked when we saw the big kilns and the little kilns and I also liked when we made the name plates. There are little holes so we can hang it but I didn’t hang it. Favorite LATW: Russia! My mom and dad and babushka did it, it’s how you say grandma in Russian. I call my grandpa dedushka, that’s grandpa in Russian. We had lemon tea and blintzes. Before the end of the year I want to finish all the Bob books and learn everything in school!

Annabelle Callahan
I like it here at Greene Towne. I like going to the play deck a lot; all of us like to slide a lot. I like staying for lunch. A work I love is being the teacher at lunch time. First we have circle time and then we do the silence candle and somebody puts name tags on the tables to know where to sit. Favorite work: My favorite work is sewing. I finished sewing my pillow. Now my pillow’s at home and it smells like lavender; I love lavender! My most challenging work is something to do with the Golden Beads, it’s Bank Game. It felt like I couldn’t do it but then I completed it. It feeled fine then. Favorite FT: Going to the Library because we can borrow books. I love mermaid books! I like to read a lot. Favorite LATW: Scandinavia because there were meatballs! They were so good; I had 5! I like going to the West building because that’s where the courtyard is. What I did today was challenging. It’s the Chain of 4. In Art we make things like clay owls. All the Ks wanted to make the clay owls’ eyes glow in the dark so Ms. Emily put some special glue on the eyes that made the eyes glow in the dark. In Music I like to sing and do skipping and jumping and running. Movement is fun. I like to move around a lot. We also like to do some movement things with our hands. I want to remember my friends.

Alia Chokshi
I really like Art. In Art we made self-portraits. We made clay owls and we painted them and put glow in the dark paint on it for the eyes. For the auction project Ms. Emily showed us pictures and we decided what to do. In our auction project we did gilding. My favorite thing about being a K is helping other fiends. I like giving lessons. Right now, I’m giving a lesson in making a wallet. And I like Lunch-around- the-world, we have it today. Favorite LATW: India because my mommy made it with Ananya’s mom and Idris’ mom. We had rice patties and pulao, it’s rice and turmeric mixed with all different kinds of vegetables. I helped mom teach a dance. At K time we’re reading Alice in Wonderland. Ms. Jen reads it to us. We read Charlotte’s Web before. Favorite Work: Sewing. I sewed a pillow with lavender. Biggest accomplishment: Drawing and writing letters without tracing them. I feel excited and happy about that. Favorite Field Trip: the Clay Studio because I love doing art and pottery. I made a name plate, it’s on my art table. Before the end of the year I want to finish many works like my sight word spelling. I want to do a few of those works again and again before the end of the year. Most challenging work: the 1000 Chain! You find all the number tags, there are 100 tags – and you count all the way to 1000. I’ve done it a few times. It takes 1 and a ½ days I would say. I’ll remember my friends. Paco and Idris have been my
friends since Toddler.

Dylan Hamill
On being a K: I like writing stories. I was looking through the story box with pictures and I found a Mayor Nutter one and I decided to write a story. We sent Mayor Nutter the story. He decided he wanted to come to Greene Towne and he did. He read books. My favorite book was where the mayor decides to
build a bridge. I also liked that we got to take a picture with me and my sister. I like Maps. I finished Asia a while ago. The 1 st step is you trace all the pieces. That can take a day if it’s a tricky, tricky map. If it’s a hard map it can take a few days to finish. Then you can do the names first or you can do color first. If
you want color, you have to do that first. The best map I’ve ever traced is the World Map. It was so good it was like a professional one. I felt good about working hard on it. My favorite field trip was going to Coxe Park, it was just ADM. Chinatown was my favorite K field trip. My favorite part in Chinatown was the food and the fire trucks. My mom was there. My favorite LATW: I loved Russia. It was the only LATW with coloring, that’s why it’s my favorite. It was a Matrushka. I’m going to miss the fish that died in the tank. I’m going to remember the story work when you write a story.

Maren Hamill
Favorite thing about being a K: That I’m one of the oldest kids, I like to help the younger kids. I like working with other people. I like to give lessons on challenging work. I gave Hazel a Bank Game lesson. I work with Alice, Nate, Chase, Grayson and all the 2 nd years. I like Bank Game. Favorite Work: Bead Work
and the Necklace Work. Most challenging Work: Maps. I’ve done a lot of them. If we’re doing it with two people I put the work out and we get paper and we trace the parts of the map. I color them in with pencils and sometimes we put the names. I like to do art. I like to draw and paint. I like to draw fruit. Favorite FT: The Fire Station because my favorite color is red and also because my cousin had a birthday party at a fire station in the Poconos. Favorite LATW: My favorite was Mischa’s, it was Russia. I liked everything! I like having birthday ovals. The parents come and they bring treats and we put the napkin and plate down and there’s a poster with pictures and decorations. Mine had unicorns, rainbows and sparkles. I made it with my mommy and daddy. Dylan made one too. Biggest accomplishment: Finishing work. Before the end of the year I want to finish the map of Australia. My best friends are Mischa and Margot, I’ll remember them. I’ll remember my friends and the Maps.

Aidan Ironside
Best thing about being a K: I do work I couldn’t do before like water-coloring Maps, Stamp Game, and Bead Chains. I finished the 10 Long Chain. It goes to 1000. I’ve done all the chains but the 8 and 9 Long Chain. I like to help the younger kids with books. I read to them. I give lessons with Sandpaper Letters. My favorite work is pin-punching Maps. I’m doing Asia now but I’ve colored it too. I’ve also colored Australia, Canada and S. America. Favorite LATW: Trinidad and Sri Lanka. My parents did it. They talked about Trinidad and Sri Lanka but I already knew all of it. I liked the chicken and rice. We colored a flag. The farmer brought us eggs. He showed us Max and Ruby, they’re chickens. The eggs are going to hatch Tuesday or Monday. We’ll help them with food and we’ll hold them. I like doing the Open House, it’s fun. The best part is passing the cookies. Before the school year ends, I want to finish my journal. I can write anything in my journal. I’ll remember my teachers and I’ll remember Roberto because he’s going to 1 st grade with me. He’s my best friend!

Cleophee Kennedy

On being a K: I like going to the courtyard because sometimes I like to hunt for rocks, I have a collection of rocks. Sometimes in the afternoon we do projects. We made sound houses with letters and we made words with those letters. When we thought of a word with that letter in it we raised our hands. I like story book. We draw pictures and write a story. After I came back from skiing in New Hampshire at Pat’s Peak I told a story about when I went skiing. I drew a picture too. Mrs. Brown made a basket of recycling to make fun stuff. I made pompoms and I tied it on a string and took it home. In Art class with Ms. Emily I made more pompoms. When we finish our weaving I work on my pompom waterfall. I worked a long time on my landscape. I used sharpies and oil pastels and I used watercolor to paint over it. Favorite work: making stuff for my pompoms. I made an apartment building for them because there are too many to fit in the house. Favorite FT: Chinatown. The food was so delicious! Favorite LATW: Chinatown and I also liked Aya’s Café. Biggest accomplishment: The Long 6 Chain! It took two days and it was fun. I felt really good. Before the end of the year I’ll finish the Long 9 Chain. I’ll remember pompom work!

Ethan Lee

I like writing. I wrote about my trip to Hong Kong. I wrote we went on a plane for 16 hours! I like the Lock Box, I did it today. I like to do work with Skyler, we do two person works: Bank Game, reading. We read books and play on the play deck. Favorite Work: Playing on the playground on the roof and at West Campus, I love it a lot! Biggest accomplishment: Bank Game. In Bank first we set up the hundred squares and the cubes. We add them up and when you have 10 hundred squares you change it into one thousand cube. Favorite FT: The Clay Studio because I love using clay to build things. We made a name plate. I put my name on it and we painted it. We took the bus there and we took the bus back, the #48, and we walked a little bit. Favorite LATW: I love Chinatown! We had pork and shrimp dumplings. I love shrimp dumplings the best. We had noodles with beef and rice. With my family we take the 45 bus to Chinatown. In Art my favorite was the crocodiles. We painted and weaved and cut paper. In Movement I have fun. I’ll visit next year.


Roberto Liu

On being a K: I get to go to K recess. I can do a lot more works and I get to do Art. My favorite art work is the owls. It was fun! I made it out of clay. First I made a big oval out of a ball of clay. I flipped the top down and then I made 2 eyes using a tool that I stuck in the clay. I made a beak and then I made wings. Ms. Ball took it to a kiln – it dries the clay. Then I painted it. Most challenging Work: Pin-punching maps. It’s also my favorite work. I’m doing Asia now with Aidan. I did S. America by myself. It took 1-1/2 days. Asia will take a little less than 2 days. I already traced it and now I’m pin-punching. Favorite Math work: it’s really hard, it’s Stamp Game. And Bank. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café. There was Pita bread! Favorite FT: Chinatown because I got dumplings and scallion pancakes. Scallion pancakes are the best! I saw a lot of Chinese stuff. I’m learning how to speak Chinese. In Movement I like to do the fun stuff like racing. In Music I get to do games. It’s fun. I’ll remember that I can do lots of work. I’ve done just about every Work in the classroom. I like reading! I was thinking after I finish my map, I’ll read a Jack and Annie book. I read The Dragon of the Red Dawn. Before the end of the year I want to complete pin-punching all the Maps! And I also want to complete reading all the Jack and Annie books.


Thea Mirarchi

I really love Greene Towne very much! I really love my friends and I love my teachers and everything about this school. It’s like my home. Best thing about being a K: I love all the fun stuff in Kindergarten. All the field trips and Lunches-around-the-world and I also love having art on the walls. I love K time because of all the games we play and all the work. I really love Art because I love Ms. Emily and all the art we made. Yesterday we made trees with watery ink. We blowed into a straw and the paint moved. Before we did that we used pastels and blended it in. Favorite FT: It was Chinatown and Reading Terminal Market because I love all the treats there and all the treats in the Chinese market, but I do not like the fish and I do not want to eat any. Favorite LATW: Italy! I love ravioli and all the food there. Favorite Work: The 1000 Chain. I feel really good about the 1000 Chain. I’ve done all the Chains. I like doing Maps sometimes; there are some I still need to do. I also like drawing work because I love making art and making stuff. I love everything in Movement and also everything in Music. I love everything about Greene Towne! I am excited about going to a new school. I’ll remember all my friends at Greene Towne. I’ll visit next year when I don’t have school.


Bowie Myers

My favorite thing about Greene Towne is all the teachers! Best thing about being a K: Reading to younger friends. Favorite Work: Metal Insets. I like that you get to color them. There’s a circle, a rectangle, a triangle which you can make into a star by tracing it one way and then you turn it upside down. I color it so many colors! And “I Spy”. You say “I spy with my little eye something that starts with “a” then a friend guesses the word. It could be apple or animal. Biggest accomplishment: Subtraction was hard and now I can do it! Favorite LATW: Russia. I liked the nesting dolls; there were so many! We got a wooden spoon to take home and we got to color in a nesting doll. We had cheese pancakes- they were good! They had sugar on top. In Music we play games. In Art we paint and we learn about different artists. Frida Kahlo’s my favorite. I like that she painted a lot of pretty things. I love that she loved flowers. I painted a self portrait like I was Frida Kahlo. I put flowers in my hair. I’m going to remember Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Kalesse and my friends. I’ll remember the Work.


Emma Siegel

Best thing about being K: Having Art. My favorite was the clay owls. And Sewing! It’s challenging. I sewed some bags and I sewed a bunny. And collage; you make pictures with stickers and ribbons. My favorite work is egg work. You slice the egg and put them on crackers and then you give them to people and you give one to yourself. I like doing work with my friends. We sit at the same table. We do Kindergarten projects - making lanterns, sewing, a volcano experiment. We made a pretend volcano erupt. We used baking soda and vinegar and a pinch of salt and then some water. You put these all in the volcano and we all watched and we all got a turn. When people get the work I want I try to wait, it’s hard to wait. Favorite FT: The Library because I get to look at books. I love books! I have my own library card. One of my favorite books is Dumpling Dreams. I’ve read it about 11 times. Favorite LATW: I love Aya’s Café! I ate pita; I like it on its own. I’ll remember walking on the rug with a bell or a glass of water. You walk really carefully around the red rug. You don’t want to let the bell ring or the water spill. I’ll remember my friends: Cleophee, Tess, Lyla, Emma G and Sabine.


Tess Parker

Greene Towne is really fun and I’m having a great time as a Kindergartner! When I was 4 I always wanted to know what it’s like to be a Kindergartner and this year I found out. Being a Kindergartner is really great. We get to look after the younger kids. It’s great that I get to go on Field Trips and do all kinds of other stuff at school; it’s just amazing! We go to the courtyard and we do Kindergarten time. In Kindergarten time Lyla and I are going to do the 8 Chain. We finished the 7 Chain and now we’re on to number 8. My favorite Work is the chains because I love doing math and reading so I can learn more. It’s just so wonderful to learn! I just love it! I like Farm Animal Work and I like Art. I like Movement and Music and I like lunch. I want to be a gardener and a scientist when I grow up. I want to be both of those things. My favorite Field Trip was the Clay Studio. We made name plates. My favorite LATW was at the West building with the mango smoothie, it was India. Before the end of the year I’ll finish the 1000 Chain. We’ve been practicing I live in the City to sing on the last day of school. I’m going to remember my teachers and my friends.


Paco Petrelli

Best thing about being a K: Kindergarten time. We do Kindergarten work. I do writing and all that kind of stuff. We do projects, sometimes we have Art. We’re doing weaving now. I like snack and I like drawing. Favorite FT: We sometimes go to the Library. I like to get Magic Treehouse books at the Library. My favorites are the snake one, The Sword of Light, and the karate one. Favorite LATW: All of them! I’m actually waiting for the Mexican one. They might make tacos or burritos. My dad told me there’s going to be a burrito day. My biggest accomplishment is writing. I like to write all kinds of stuff like lists. I liked Pop, the story teller. The story was supposed to be about Pop but the cat was on 9 pages! Guess what Pop doesn’t like? It’s the CAT! The book is about a real cat and the children are real. The farmer brought us eggs. The chicks are going to get out of the eggs, they use their beaks and wings. When the chicks hatch we’re going to hold them. One time, a year ago, there was one egg that didn’t hatch. Last year one chick pecked my belly, it was kind of cute, I’ll remember that. I remember when I was a Toddler in the other building.


Ananya Quinn

Greene Towne is a good school. If you go here I want you to make lots of friends. I have lots of friends. All the Ks and other kids; I’ve known them since I was 3. I like that you get to do lots of fun works. You read lots of nice books and have a beautiful circle time. I like the color mixing work where you make secondary colors: purple, orange, and green. And tomato work. In tomato work you take pins and stick them into the tomato, it’s a cloth tomato. I like to read “Waiting is not easy” and “The Day the Crayons Quit.” When I take a break I like to go to the library. Biggest accomplishment: Working on really big Works that are tricky: For one, Addition Strip Board and Multiplication Bead Board. I did it before but now I’m doing it again. It takes a long time. That’s the most challenging work. I’m proud of myself when I finish them. In Art I like how we made self-portraits. We looked in the mirror. In Movement I liked the one where we used the sticks with streamers and the scarves – you wave them around. In Music I like the circle. There’s a big circle of people holding hands and a small circle of people inside. We go in one direction and then the other direction. Favorite LATW: The one from India because I like the mini Idlis that my mom made – they’re rice pillows that are steamed. I usually eat big ones at home. Favorite FT: I liked the one to Chinatown. I liked the walk and I liked the big gate we saw. And I have another one that was really good, it was Reading Terminal Market. I liked the end because I liked hanging out with my friends and eating the pretzels. There are some works I want to finish before the end of the year.


Margot Simon Levy

Some of the work I do because I know how to do it because I was in a Montessori School in Israel. Favorite thing about being a K: I like that the All Day Kindergartners go to Coxe Park. We are more responsible. We give lessons. We help by making applesauce. We just started to make applesauce alone. The 1st step in applesauce is to take 4 apples then you peel them and take out the cores and then you cut them into little pieces. You put all the pieces in a pot and you put cinnamon in the pot and water and sugar and then you stir it. Then you put it on the stove, Mr. Och does it. We all eat it! And Kindergarten time! Mr. Och teaches us a lot of stuff. It’s hard to say them, there’s a lot. One thing is poems. Favorite Work: the Bead Work. You make shapes with the beads then a teacher irons it. You can make any shape you want. It doesn’t have to be a shape, I’m working on a frog now. Most challenging work: Multiplication, I like it. Greatest accomplishment: Writing in English. I write words and stories in my journal. Favorite FT: The Clay Studio was the best because we did art and that’s my favorite thing to do! Favorite LATW: India, I loved it! She teached us some dances and we ate rice. Favorite Art: the collage owls because it took a lot of work and then I finished it. I’ll member my friends, some of them will be at my next school.


Emma So

Favorite thing about Greene Towne: My journal. Best thing about being a K: I help younger friends with their work. You get to go to the West Courtyard to play. It’s all the Kindergartners. Favorite work: My binder. You practice writing your name and other people’s names and writing numbers. I’m on my 5th binder. I write in my journal. This week it was about what we did on spring break. Another favorite work: Addition Strip Board and I like Maps. I did a map that had Russia in it, it’s Europe. Russia is the biggest country. First you trace it, then you outline it with black marker, then you color it, then you label with the names of the countries. Most challenging Work: I don’t think any work is hard. Favorite Field Trip: Clay Studio because you get to put your fingers in the glaze and put it on the clay. Favorite LATW: Mischa’s, it was Russia. We got painted spoons. We had strawberries, bananas, and two kinds of pancakes. I like Art, I’m almost done with my weaving. We put beads in it. In Music we sing. I like Movement class. Yesterday we got in bags and tried to hop in them! Before the end of the year I hope to finish my black binder. I’ll remember my black binder and my friends.


Lyla Wolfe

I like Greene Towne, it’s good. I like Art and recess. I like helping younger friends; it feels good. I helped Cameron with a puzzle. I like reading Bob books. They have pictures and little stories I can read. I also like bean spooning work. On being a K: I like that we go outside at recess. For K recess, we walk to the West building and we play on the playground, it’s all the Kindergartners. We hold hands and walk in a line just like we do on field trips.  Greatest accomplishment: the Hundred Board! Favorite LATW: Russia. We had warm lemonade. I like the spoon. It has little red berries painted all over it; I keep it in my room.  Favorite FT: Reading Terminal Market. It was a scavenger hunt. We hunted for signs. My mom went on that trip and we had pretzels. Favorite Works: I like painting on the easel and the Farm. I like to write stories and I like the Clock Work; I learn about time. In Art I liked the collage owl. Mine’s hanging in the hallway. And I liked the clay owls. In Movement we have races. In Music I like the games we play. One is Grandpa Grig, he has a pig. I’m going to remember Tess. We’re going to different schools but we’ll stay friends.


Griffen Young

Favorite thing about Greene Towne: Art and pottery. We do pottery sometimes. We made owls. We do drawing and water-coloring. We made self-portraits and we do food works. My favorite work is doing the Farm and doing Collage. The Farm has chickens and hens and cows and a pig. We play stories with them. I like to make abstract collage; we use recycling stuff: cans and cardboard and tape. Favorite FT: Soon we’re going to the place with all the insects. My favorite so far was Chinatown. I liked all the fish and all the sea creatures. I saw a sea urchin. My favorite LATW was when we went to the West building and we had food from India. We didn’t go to India because it’s very far away. We had a kind of fudge from India and we did dancing. All the Math is my favorite. I’m on the 6 Chain now; I started it yesterday and will probably finish it by next weekend. It’s really long; it’s one of the longest. The longest is the 9 Chain. I’ve almost finished all my Math. Biggest accomplishment: The hardest thing I’ve achieved is helping the teacher break all the ice out of the fridge. I used a hammer, the side that pulls out the nails. We have 121 maps in our classroom; I counted them. 22 kids made a map this year. I made a lot of Maps this year. We use pencils. My favorite Map to do is the Asia Map because it’s so cool. I like how it has big parts. My goal for the end of the year is to go up to the play deck and help get all the weeds and clean up all the leaves.