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Kindergarten Full Interviews

Adèle Baer-Dreyfus

At Greene Towne everyone has cubbies for our backpacks and coats and hats and gloves in the winter. Favorite work: My calendar book. Each month I draw a picture and write in the days. Today I made May; I didn’t finish it yet. I really like it! Most challenging work: The Chains are kind of a little bit hard but not too hard. I’m on the 7th Long Chain, that’s the next one. After that is 8. The 10th Chain is the largest. At Kindergarten time we do a lot of projects. My favorite was the igloo out of sugar cubes. Favorite LATW: I really liked the Spanish one. We had paella; I had it in Spain too. There was also bread with tomatoes and dessert was a dumpling like a donut with sugar - it’s churros. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown because it’s the closest to Japan; I love Japan! I also liked Reading Terminal Market because it was my dad’s real birthday. I was Kaitlyn’s partner. There was a hunt and I found the Eiffel Tower. My favorite Art was the cherry blossoms. We mixed red and white to make pink. I could do dark pink or really light pink, I did both. First I made a circle and used chalk pastels. I blew ink with a straw to make a tree. The ink had to go past the moon. At Movement we do a lot of things. I like the obstacle courses. At Music we practice our singing for the end of the year. I’ll remember that we have a birthday walk. You bring a poster with pictures. You hold the globe - I always take the colorful one – and you go around the sun. This year it was six times because I turned 6!

Zoë Banks

Greene Towne is a very good place. We love it. When I was a first year, my favorite work was the Farm work. When you’re a Kindergartner you get to do Kindergarten time and Kindergarten recess. We learn a little more Math and learn to spell. In the morning we work on our calendars and our Kindergarten folders. Also in the morning, we help the little kids do their work. I like helping them. The Kindergartners get very special treats. On Friday we get to bring home our art work. In Art, we’re working on a project with glue on fabric. We already made crocodile puppets out of paper and we’re also weaving with string and paper. Favorite Work: Multiplication with Nora H. We love doing Multiplication together. I do work for fun. Most challenging work: Multiplication. Greatest Accomplishment: We have a work in the classroom with sounds like “ch” and “ea.” They were hard before and now they’re not hard. My friends Nora and Isaac, we go to Japanese class and we learned our names in Japanese. Favorite FT: Grumblethorpe. We saw snakes and chickens. Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café. When you want to have a play date, your parents can call and invite them over. K recess and all the Kindergarten work is awesome. I’ll remember my friends. I’ll remember some of the work I did. I’ll remember the fish painting. I’ll remember my Kindergarten journal and recess.

Harriet Benner

I like going to Art class. Painting and making my self-portrait was my favorite. We learned about Frida Kahlo. She was amazing because she had to have her legs straightened. Kindergarten time is fun. We’re learning about the human body. Right now we’re learning about the organs. Mostly all the organs do important things. You can’t live without them. There’s the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Kindergarten time is challenging which I like. I think learning about the human body is challenging. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Going on Field Trips. Chinatown was my favorite because I liked having lunch. I had mostly rice. It was also a Lunch-Around-the-World. In Music I like learning new songs. I like writing in my journal. I write about my vacation in Florida. My favorite work is probably Math work. I like doing the Bank Game. I do it with a friend. I like the library. I like to read about volcanoes and earthquakes. My favorite page is about the last day in Pompeii, a Roman town. A volcano erupted – Mt. Vesuvius – it was really scary and some people died. I’ll remember that Greene Towne was really fun. The most fun thing is doing inside recess. I build stuff with Legos and blocks.

David Brennan

Favorite work: the Chains. I did the 7 Long Chain. I finished it on the 3rd day. The 8 Chain is next. The 1 Short Chain is the easiest. It has one bead. After the 8 Chain comes the 9 Chain and then comes the 10 Chain. I’m going to do the 8 Chain after Andie’s finished. After the 8 Chain I’ll do the 9 Chain and the 10 Chain. I will finish the 10 Chain before the end of the year. And doing Bank Game; it’s a long work. I can’t even explain it. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Going on Field Trips and having Lunch-Around-the-World. Favorite LATW: Chinatown. When we came back from Chinatown we got to draw a picture of a part of our trip. Art class is best because at the end of the year we get to take everything home. Making the owls was my favorite. We made them out of a kind of clay. I loved the Clay Studio! We made whatever we wanted. I made a turtle – it was hard. Most challenging work: Writing the 7 Chain numbers. Greatest Accomplishment: It’s going to be when I finish the 10 Chain. The last number is 1000! I like Music and Movement class. In Music we get to do a poem. How does Mr. Broomall know so many things? I’ll remember my teachers. I’ll remember Raina because we’ll be at the same school. I know I’ll visit next year.

Brady Collins

Greene Towne is a fun school. I like the work and I have really nice teachers. I’m happy when I work. Favorite Work: Maps. I’ve done all of them – Africa, Asia, Mexico, United States, South America, North America, Australia, World Map, Europe and Canada. I like them because you can have fun with them. First you put all the pieces on the control map. Then you trace the borders on the paper and then you color them. You can also write the names and roll it up and take it home. Greatest accomplishment: The United States and Africa Maps. They were really hard! I felt really, really proud of myself. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: You have time with all the Kindergartners in the afternoon – it’s K recess because there are only Kindergartners and teachers. During Kindergarten time we think of ideas. When the Eagles won we made a poster about them and made Eagles masks. Art class is very fun. I guess the owls were best. We made the owls and Ms. Emily made a ginormous tree for them. Favorite FT: Grumblethopre. Favorite LATW: Korea; it was delicious!

Simran “Simi” Deo

I like Greene Towne because Sabine and Riya always work with me. I also like Greene Towne because I like the work. My favorites are Metal Insets, Collage, and Writing. I usually write about grass and butterflies and nature things. Biggest accomplishment: Hundred Board. I liked it when I finished it. Favorite Field Trip: The Library, we get books. I got a Pinkalicious book one time but I like a lot of books. At home I like to read with my mom and sister. Favorite Lunch-Around-The-World: I liked the French one and I also liked the Indian one. The best thing about being a Kindergartner: You get a binder and you put work in it that you want to save for the end of the year. I’ve done the 9 Long Chain. I’ll do the Long 10 Chain next. In Art I liked the crocodiles, the self-portraits, and the one where we made circles and triangles and we used paints with different colors. We mixed the colors. I like staying for recess and lunch. Before the end of the year I’ll do the 10 long Chain and maybe the Spiral Hundred Board. I’ll miss the Chains and all that stuff.

Sonali Desai

I like when I color pictures for my mom and dad. Most times, I make pictures of my family and rainbows. I like doing Kindergarten time and learning new things. I’m starting to learn how to read. I read the Bob books at school and sometimes at home. I read to my sister. She always says “Read book to me.” Best thing about being a K: hanging out with all my friends. I do work with them and talk with them. Another favorite work is writing. Sometimes I write rhyming things. I make a list and make it into a book. Most challenging work: Chains. I’ve done the 3 long Chain and the 4 Long Chain. Next is the 5 Long Chain. Greatest accomplishment: the Chains! Today in Movement we learned about balance. In Music we run and walk and skip and sing The Wheels of Time go Fast and Far. We all sing together, all the Kindergartners. Favorite Field Trip: Going to Grumblethorpe. I liked playing with my friends. Favorite LATW: When we did the Indian one, it was my parents. We had my most favorite food. The rice and vegetable were best. In Art we do pictures of things we learn from Ms. Emily I’ll remember my teachers and all my friends. I’ll miss them a lot but we can always have play dates.

Dino Fonda

I like working on the work. My favorite work is drawing pictures on paper and writing about them. I write about my stuffed animals and other stuff. Most challenging work this year: Word searches, especially the big words. Best thing about being a K: Helping younger friends. I like Art but my brother’s more into art than me. I liked making the self portraits. In Music we sing songs. In Movement class we get to dance and exercise. Favorite FT: Going to the Fire Station. We got to climb inside the truck and we got to go in and out. We saw the fire fighters in their costumes. They’re uncomfortable. I know they are heavy. Favorite LATW: Chinatown. I didn’t try squid because I didn’t care for it. I ate a lot of dumplings, maybe 5 or 6, but I forget what kind they were. Greatest accomplishment: I did all the short chains. This year I did the spiral Hundred Board. It was pretty fast. It’s basically like the Hundred Board but the 100 is in the middle. It felt good. When it’s finished, we get to show it to other classes. I’ll remember that it felt good when I did the Hundred Board and the Spiral board. I’ll miss my friends.

Julian Fonda

Favorite thing about Greene Towne: The Kindergarten Field Trips! My favorite one? I don’t know they were all so good. We get to see new things and grown ups tell us what they’re about. My parents go and I get to see my brother. Favorite work: I think it would be the Space work I’m working on. It’s the Solar System. You put the planets in order and then we color them. I like to draw and color. I love Art! I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all so great! Favorite LATW: The treats, but I didn’t like the papaya. I liked the donut things. They’re like donuts but don’t have holes in them. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Going to the Courtyard; it’s a big space. I feel good at Greene Towne. Before the end of the year I’ll do reading. I don’t know if I’ll miss anything but hopefully, every day I’ll het more and more used to my new school.

Asher Greenspan

We do work. The Maps are my favorite. I did all of them, including Canada. They’re fun but they’re hard. The USA is my favorite map because the USA is where we live. It’s the hardest map and it’s fun. It has 50 states to color plus 50 states to name plus 50 state capitals. I put the capitals on my map at home. Best thing about being a K: We have one more year and then we go to the next year and then we have 13 more years of school. I like school; I’m glad we have more school. Greatest accomplishment: Completing all the Maps in less than three years. Sometimes I do them with watercolor. Now I’m hanging them up on my bedroom wall to make the world. Favorite FT: The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Me and Isaac were in the same group and we were partners. We saw art from Japan and China. Favorite LATW: Last time when Orson’s parents came. It was Colombia. They gave us two presents. One was a truck that was on the table and then after dessert they gave us blue and yellow James #10 shirts. It’s a Colombian soccer shirt. We had red tea and white rice. I took a spoonful of tea and added it to the rice to make pink rice. We had empanadas. There was some spicy salsa and some chicken. The bread was my favorite part. I’ll remember that it was the best school I went to and that they teached me everything!

Isaac Hohns

It’s the best school ever because it has all my favorite works. I like food works like apple work. First you cut the apple then you serve it and then you eat your own. With carrot work you cut the carrot and you serve it, then you eat your own. Orange work is similar but kind of different. There’s an orange squeezer. You put the half orange on the squeezer and you push it and the juice comes out. Then you have to wash everything and put it away. Favorite challenging work: Multiplication and Division because they are the most challenging and I like challenging work. Multiplication is blue and blue is my favorite color. Greatest accomplishment: The Hundred Board. I did it a lot when I was younger. Favorite FT: Chinatown because my mom went and it was the biggest field trip. We did a lot of things and we went to the fire station in Chinatown. Favorite LATW: Colombia. I love plantain and rice. I’m excited for Korea. I hope there’s chocolate for dessert or donuts. Art is the best! Right now I’m making a shape painting. It takes two weeks and involves toothpaste and lotion. First you traced shapes on paper with a pencil. I did triangles. Then you traced the pencil lines with sharpie. Then you traced the lines onto fabric with toothpaste and lotion. Then you paint inside the lines of the toothpaste. Next year’s Ks should always work hard and never quit. And also, they should try their best every day. I’m going to remember the carrot work and the orange work. I’ll remember Brady, Asher, Ilan and Lulu.

Nora Hossain

Best thing about being a K: Learning new work. I like doing the Maps. I like doing them with a friend and sometimes I like doing it by myself. I’ve done the United States, Asia, S. America, N. America, Africa, Australia and the World. We trace the states. After we’re finished tracing all the states we color them and then we can color the water. We can color them with pencils or watercolor. If we want to, we put the names of the states. The only one I didn’t do is Europe. I like doing Math. I like to do the 6 Bead Bars and the 5 Bead Bars. We write the numbers. I really like doing Math work with a friend. Greatest accomplishment: Multiplication. I was happy when I did it. I wasn’t even using the board and counting the beads; I did it in my head. I’m on the 5th and 6th pages now. Favorite FT: Going to Chinatown is my favorite one because we got to eat a snack. We walked under a pretty bridge. Favorite LATW: Africa. We ate macaroni. In Art we made owls. We cut ovals with a knife and first we folded the oval then put the beak on and cut two circles for the eyes. We made little feathers. Then we made a small oval. We came back the next week when it was hard and we painted them and put some sparkly sticky stuff. Ms. Emily made a big tree with paper and she hung the owls. The owls are my favorite. In Music with Mr. Broomall we do Whales and Minnows. It’s a game. I’ll remember the Maps and the Math. I’ll remember my friends. I’ll miss the classroom and all the work.

Conor Kepler

Best thing about being a Kindergartner: Staying at school for lunch and Kindergarten recess. We go to the Toddler Building and we spend one hour. I like having two recesses. We play games then we have Kindergarten time in our classroom. We do some things that are hard. My favorite book is Spider Man; my mom and dad read it to me. Dishwashing is my favorite work. My favorite Kindergarten work is the Hundred Board. I like it because you do it with a friend and when you’re done you show it to other classrooms. I do Bank Game with Orson. Sometimes I accidently get 11 instead of 10. Then I put one back. My favorite Art was the Crocodile. And we made self portraits by looking in a mirror. Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown. We had lunch there. We had noodles. We took a bus there but to get back we took a train. Favorite LATW: China. Before the end of the year I want to finish my Crocodile and addition and take away, and the Long Chain.

Lucas Kilroy

I love to work with my friends. I love to help people and do stuff. It’s good to have friends because it’s fun. I follow my friends’ games sometimes and they follow my games sometimes. I love to play with my friends. The best thing about being a Kindergartner is I can do all the work and. I love the Long Chain of 10. That’s so long! I did it two times. It only took 2 days. I’m good at Chains; I’m more of a numbers guy than a letters guy. Most challenging work: Mancala. It’s a bead game. Favorite work: Mancala! Greatest accomplishment: I think the 10 Chain because I really, really work on it so, so much. I love to do art. There’s so many art projects, I don’t have a favorite. Favorite Field Trip: The Art Museum and the Clay Studio because we actually got to make our own things. I made a clay monster from Star Wars. Favorite LATW: We’re going to LATW today. The last one was my favorite. I know all the Maps; I’ve done them all. You can trace them if you want to. Me and Riley did a really hard thing. It was a Continent Map. We traced the countries, then we colored them, we cut them out and then we named them. I’ll remember my friends.

Riley Klink

I like when I help a friend when they need some help, like if they need help doing apple work because it is hard to push the apple slicer. I like helping them so they can serve some apple The other thing I like about Greene Towne is playing on the play deck with all my friends. The best thing about being a Kindergartner is you get to have two recesses. My favorite work is the Pink Tower and we add other stuff to make it big and to decorate it. Most challenging work this year: It’s hard to do Dolch words. They’re like puzzle words; you can’t sound them out. You have to remember them. Biggest accomplishment: Dolch words. I finished them all! This morning I started doing my journal. I wrote, “This is my rainbow and it’s different because I put it in a different order.” I did gold, black, red, purple, and then yellow. My favorite LATW was Soul Food. We had rice and different spices and fish. I think we had mac and cheese. My favorite Field Trip was Grumblethorpe. I liked it a lot! We could run around in the yard. I like Greene Towne a lot. I kind of wish I could stay here for 1st grade. I’ll remember all the great work we had like my journal. It is my favorite work.

Riya Mulani

We do lots and lots of things like spooning, coffee grinding, and a lot more. My favorite work is washing dishes with a friend and the Chains. You take one Chain and you count all the beads and you put down little tags with the numbers on them. I’ve done all the Short Chains and the Long Chains up to the 6 Long Chain. Next will be the 7 Long Chain. I’ll finish the Chains and all the Math before the end of the year. Greatest accomplishment: The Snake Game, it’s a multiplication work. There’s also a take-away one that I did. Favorite LATW: India. We ate rice and naan. In Music class I like when we sing songs. Old King Glory on the Mountain is my favorite. I liked making the owls in Art. We rolled it really hard, then we folded it and made eyes and the mouth and then we made wings. We made a pattern with seashells for the feathers – we stamped them on. We used caps to make the big eyes. In Movement I liked when we made the human knot. You basically had to hold hands and untangle yourself without letting go. I’ll remember that there’s a lot of work to do. I’ll remember my friends.

Isabella O’Halloran

All the teachers are really nice and it’s a great school. I like to do sewing in the classroom. I have a sewing machine at my house. In the classroom I sew with a needle by hand. I’m making a purse for my sister for her birthday. I’m sewing a flower - it’s a rainbow flower - and I’m going to sew a 3 on it and I already sewed her name. Best thing about being a Kindergartner, you get to do a bunch of things. You read a lot. I like Amelia Bedelia. Favorite K work: I like Math and sewing. Most challenging work: Probably Math and sewing too. I like to do Stamp Game and coloring the beads. Favorite thing: Going to Art class. I like to make pompoms in Art. We’re doing weaving. Favorite Art: Probably the crocodile puppets because they’re really hard to do and they’re cool because they’re puppets. We needed to cut a lot and put a bunch of paper together and draw and we did a lot of painting. It took two art classes to do. I like when we do a bunch of cool things with Ms. Talia. One time we had a bouncy race and we had a race with the things with wheels. Favorite LATW: I think I’ll like Colombia best because I’m a little bit Spanish. Favorite Field Trip: Grumblethorpe because we found a lot of worms and someone found a centipede. I found 2 pink and purple baby worms. Actually, I also liked when we went to Chinatown with my mom. I liked the dim sum restaurant. I go there with my family. I’ll remember that Greene Towne is a really good school and my piano teacher went here too! She’s a really good piano player.

Su-Seong Oeffinger

I like doing the works. Best thing about being a Kindergartner: that I get to do challenging works like Math works. My favorite is Stamp Game. Before the end of the year I’d like to do a Multiplication work; it’s called the Fingerboard. The most challenging work is the Planet Puzzle. I like doing it. It’s challenging because there are a lot of puzzle pieces. There’s Mercury and Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus and Neptune. Favorite work: The one with the colorful sticks and you poke them into holes. It’s fun to poke them into the holes and unscrew the lid and take them out. I also like sudsing work. Chinatown was my favorite Field Trip because it had the best food. It was really a LATW and a Field Trip, like two mixed together. Favorite LATW: Out of all of them, I’d say India. I like Music because of all the stuff in Music. I like the sleeping music. I like Art because I like to paint. My favorite artist is Paul Klee. I also like using chalk pastels and oil pastels. Movement class is the best thing about Greene Towne. We do things that have to do with moving. Biggest accomplishment this year: The Hundred Board. I’ve done the spiral and the backwards way, like from 100 to 1. When you’re finished, we show it to other classrooms. I’ll remember all the works that I’ve done.

Jack Orefice

Greene Towne is very fun. Every holiday we get to do a craft. Our last craft was for Passover; we made a cup. Best thing about being a K: 2 recesses. It’s fun to come to school. Favorite work: Special sounds. I learned “aw” it’s in the word “bawl” and the notebooks where you draw a picture and write about it. You can keep writing on the other side. The most challenging work is the next Chain I’ll work on – the 7 Chain. After the 7 Chain I’ll do the 8 Chain, then the 9 Chain and then the 10 Chain. All the Ks are working to do the 10 Chain. Greatest accomplishment: Reading. I like to read different kinds of stuff. I’m on big sight-word books now. I’m doing a lot of special sounds! Favorite LATW: Aya’s Café. I love the pita bread. It’s fun to go to a restaurant! Favorite Field Trip: Chinatown because we had great food and very white noodles - I never saw them before -and we had rice. It was the first time I ever had rice; it’s really good! In Art I get to make stuff out of clay and I liked the crocodiles. I had to weave it and use lots of paper to fold, cut, tape, paint, lots of stuff to do to make them. You can see them at Greene Towne. Music and Movement are very fun. I think I’ll always remember Greene Towne and I’ll be with lots of friends from Greene Towne at my new school. Greene Towne is a great school.

Maizy Pizer

Greene Towne is good. There