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Letter from the Head of School

Look into any classroom at Greene Towne Montessori, and you will see home-like, mixed-age groupings, with materials and structures that are designed to invite children follow their interests under the close guidance and observation of a teacher. Montessori is a science-based developmental approach to learning that is more than 100 years old, in practice around the world. 


Maria Montessori’s educational method and philosophy are built on the simple idea that all children have an innate drive and spark to learn. I see that spark of learning everyday at Greene Towne Montessori School.


Today, I had the amazing experience of being taught how to fold a cloth napkin by a three-year-old. This process, that most of us would do absent-mindedly with the sole goal of getting it done, was broken down into careful steps of proportion and order. The students led me through each step as confident guides, as we folded the napkins and dishtowels, still warm from the dryer, in preparation for the next school day. The wild joy of outside time had now transitioned to a calm, focused energy as we cared for the class and classroom with this work. 


We all know and value that feeling, the hum of learning something completely new, of making connections for the first time, and seeing things in new ways as a result. We see that glittery newness of learning in the eyes of each of our students, as they step into the carefully prepared environment of their classrooms. Seeing our children actively constructing their own learning is a powerful affirmation of the gift of learning itself.  I see in them the determination, pride, sense of self and belonging in community: the skills of building a strong community. 


Come to see this spark yourself—contact us to learn more about Greene Towne!


Sarah Sweeney-Denham