GTMS Diversity Statement

Greene Towne Diversity Statement

Dr. Maria Montessori, for whom the Montessori educational philosophy is named, fundamentally believed that children of all backgrounds possess an innate desire to learn, to be productive, and to find joy in work. In creating the first “Children’s House” in Rome over a century ago, Montessori imagined the school as a reflection of the surrounding social world, and designed the classroom to prepare the children for the society they would inherit. In keeping with Montessori’s vision, Greene Towne Montessori School seeks to provide an environment within which each child can acquire a lifelong love of learning in a diverse community. In creating such an environment, the school emphasizes the need to respect differences in ability, social background, religious belief and racial, national, and ethnic origin.


GTMS extends this approach to all aspects of the life of the school, from teaching to hiring, governance, admissions, and financial aid decisions. We believe that a diverse student body, faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees provide an essential reflection not just of Montessori’s vision but also of our foundation in the city of Philadelphia. GTMS therefore seeks and encourages applications from all families with the intent of creating a student body that reflects the ethnic, racial, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity of the school’s urban environment and which values all caring family structures.